Government-Backed Mortgages

Rehabilitating A Defaulted Loan

Federal Perkins Loans

What Type of Loan is Best for Me?

Credit Insurance

Payday Loans and Advance Loan Scams

Warnings Signs of Too Much Debt

Forgiveness of Student Loans

Looking for Loans

Credit Reports for Loans

Front-end Installment Loans are Bad News

Student Loan Interest Rates

Rewarding good credit

Why NOT to consolididate your student loans

Leasing and Loaing

The Cost of Money

How Loan Rates Are Set

Fixed and Variable Rates

Good Interest vs. Bad Interest

Defeating the Interest

Maximum Interest, Minimum Payment

Mortgage: French for Death Bet

Consumer Credit Protection Act of 1968

How do I calculate APR?

APR and Mortgage Problems

Pay-Option ARMs are the Best

Homes For Sale

Law for Student Loan Forgiveness

Education Lotto

Mortgages Up (Again)

Even More Loan Failures

Foreclosure Suicide

Lower Rates

Bernake's Warning

Hard Lenders

$400 Billion

Bank of America Loans

Thoughts on the Mortgage "Crisis"

Citi Jobs

SIGNED OFF: Is co-signing on a loan ever a smart idea?

Place Holdings: Borrowing in some cases is bad idea

Fixer Upper: How to really manage and pay off debt


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