Why Bother Budgeting?

Benefits of Budgeting

The Makings of a Good Budget

Emergency Fund

Is Lifelock a scam?

What Records Should I Keep?

Bill-Paying Services

Breaking down your financial plan

Complicated Financial Goals

Do I need a financial planner?

Types of Financial Planners

Uses of the Emergency Fund

Emergency Fund Details

Want and Need

Happy Thanksgiving

COMPUTER SLACKER: Technology beckons your attention as far as how to budget money

BILL of Good: Who knew you could stretch your dollar this far?

Driving Force: Ditching your car could save you plenty

SIMPLE SAVINGS: Money managing made easy sounds better than day to day struggles

MOVIE FLUFFS: Your love of the cinema might be sinking your budget

WEDDING BLITZ: Planning the big day could have bigger budget consequences

SHORT SIGHTED: Overlooked items often spell budgeting trouble

WASTE LAND: Spending money unnecessarily is root of all budgeting woes

TREASURE HUNT: One man's trash could be your route to financial freedom

SMALL POTATOES: New business doesn't have to equal large financial headache

COLLEGE BOUND: How much should parent be paying for kids' college expenses?

Saving for College

Tips on How to Stay Within the Monthly Grocery Budget

How to Save Money on Summer Fun

Why advertising is killing your ability to save money

Why a tight budget actually translates into saving more

Debt Plea: Staying out of debt isn't as hard as you think

Massive Oversight: Why huge money problems are consistently missed


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