Impulse Buying II

Posted By: The Cheapest Skate in Frugality on 07/22/2007 at 21:32:53

Alright, so I've already shared with you what they do to catch your attention for their merchandise. Now here's how you beat the system. For any item, whether it is a big or a small purchase, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE BUYING! Is it something that you need· If you really think that it is, and you won't die without it (I assure you, you're probably not going to die without it) wait one week before purchasing it. If after a week of thinking about it, it still seems like a worthwhile purchase, then go ahead and get it.

By taking the extra week to think about your purchase, you're doing yourself a huge favor. Lots of small impulse buys can bite you in the bottom, just like a few large ones can do some damage to your budget. I know that there are lots of things that I want out there. But even with doctor money, I still can't buy everything I desire. I had a friend who once told me that when he'd buy something, during the first week he was always really excited with his purchase and wanted to use it. Yet, after that initial ecstatic period, his thrill with the product usually went down and then eventually, he'd just have it there and hardly ever use it. He'd only remember the item when he was looking at his credit card bill. He told me that about 80% of the time as he was writing another large check to his credit card company, he wished he'd never bought the item. When I told him about the one week period, he was skeptical. However, he took me at my word and tried it out. He said he couldn't believe how he'd ignored such a simple approach to buying things. I assured him that he wasn't alone. Now that you've read this entry, welcome to the circle of knowledge.


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