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If you thought I was talking about Lotto tickets, you just might want to consult every other category on this website to learn a few more things about dealing with your financial situation. Granted the winning numbers will be 5, 18, 24, 1... where was I· Oh yes, frugal tickets. For this topic, I mean tickets for museums, sporting events, and theatre shows. Now before you go any further in this section, I'll warn you that this isn't always going to work out, but if you go in with enough advanced notice, you'll almost always find cheap tickets that serve your needs.

Museums are easy. Almost every museum in the US has at least one day a week where admission is free. Usually, this works out to be Thursday evenings, from about 2-7pm. Why that's the time selected for such things, I have no idea, but in the course of researching this section, that's what I found out. Theatres also have matinee shows that you can go to, which are never a bad deal. However, usually these fall during the day and almost all of us are at work at these times. But if you have a day off coming up, it never hurts to look into these options.

Alright, cheap sports tickets. I'm sure this is the section you're really interested in. I'm sorry to say that I won't be able to help you score 1/2 priced Yankees, Celtics, or Lakers tickets. But, for some of the other teams, you can get in for about 1/2 price if you show up the day of the game right as it is starting. If you have a military ID with you, and there is room in the event, most places will allow you and your family to enter for a large discount. Students can sometimes expect a similar deal, although the discount is not nearly as large and you don't get to bring anyone in with you. Large cities are also able to provide ticket services to tourists for shows. Your best bet is to contact the visitor bureau of the area you're going and see if such a service exists and what is required to use it. Even if you're from the area, you can try to use the services, but I can't assure you what type of success you'll have. Now, if you'll excuse me, the Lotto drawing is on...


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