Frugal Furniture II

Posted By: The Cheapest Skate in Frugality on 07/17/2007 at 13:43:05

The non-tech solution. I know, why even bother to list it when the internet has opened so many options to you. But hear me out, I know what I'm talking about. Garage sales are good places to find furniture. Sure, it might not always be in pristine condition, but for an extra $25 for sandpaper and stain, you can make an old cabinet that would cost $900 dollars at the store, end up costing you only $275. Flea markets are another option, as are thrift shops. You just need to recognize what your needs are and then go around. And at flea markets, you need to haggle. If you pay exactly what they're asking for, you're probably getting ripped off.

Three final notes: buying used beds can be extremely risky, but if you take that route, invest $10 in a mattress zipper bag from bed bath and beyond that completely seals off the mattress and prevents odors or stains from coming into contact with you or your sheets. A similar option is available for couches, where you can wrap them in a cover for $20 that has all the same benefits and can make an off-colored couch much more fashionable (the covers come in different colors). The final piece of advice is when you're going to all these places looking for furniture; don't buy things you don't need. Just because the stand two spots down is selling wicker baskets for $10, and you'd be a fool not to buy one, doesn't mean you should go spending your limited funds on something you probably don't need. If you came searching for one, buy away, but it all comes back to planning when you go shopping and limiting what you're willing to walk away with.


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