Frugal Fashion III

Posted By: The Cheapest Skate in Frugality on 07/17/2007 at 13:34:29

The final issue to cover is when you're buying new clothes. This doctor hates clothes shopping, but he realizes that it has to get done. If you hate shopping as much as I do, that should teach you how to be frugal. But in case you don't despise it like I do, here's what you need to do.

Marshall's and outlet stores are not bad places. They have all the clothes that the big name stores do, but they're cheaper. A lot cheaper. Sure, there is sometimes going to be damaged merchandise at these places, but just make sure the tag in the item isn't cut, and you know it isn't damaged or defective. Don't let anyone wrinkling their nose at you discourage you from going to these places. No one will know where you went, unless you tell them. And even then they might be impressed. For instance, I once went to an Aeropostale outlet store. I was able to get a fleece that would regularly cost $40 ($45.23 with tax) for $1 ($1.32 with tax). No one knows I got it that cheap - until I tell them how little I spent on it. What makes it even sweeter is a friend of mine has the same one, and he paid the full price for his. Score another win for frugality.


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