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Posted By: Matt in Frugality on 02/14/2018 at 11:55:54

If you aren't able to save money on a monthly basis, you'll most likely comb through expenses in the hopes you'll see some sort of purchase that stands out more than others, perhaps even something you can cut immediately from your budget.

More often than not, you can look to things such as getting your hair done, high and expendable utilities such as cable or phone, or even the shopping spree you treat yourself to every other week when you get paid.

But most thoughts don't center on food, but perhaps they should.

Overspending isn't just about buying clothes and shoes, DVD's and gadgets, like you'd assume, but also can center on the propensity to spend far too much on food, and if you're someone who is doing this, there's good news and bad news.

The bad news is the money you've spent is long gone and can't be retrieved any time soon, but ironically the good news is that you can adjust how you spend as long as you realize that you're willing to admit that is an issue.

The average nationally for monthly expenses on food is around $400, so right away if you're eclipsing that number, you should have some concern. A family of four is around $600 so those numbers should allow you to plan accordingly and also take a look at receipts for what you're spending at the moment.

Going over that can happen, say if you're throwing a party or something of that ilk, but generally speaking that number is pretty spot on where you should be each month.

A huge pitfall is not only spending between $400 and $600 per month but also on top of that spending additional money on take out food or dining out to eat. If you're properly putting together a grocery list, you shouldn't need any more than what you're buying that goes in the cupboards or fridge, other than the occasional date night, for example.

Believe it or not, some statistics show that the average person spend their $400 per month on groceries and an even larger amount on take out food or restaurant dining. Imagine a food bill in total each month that is nearly $1,000, a number that quite frankly seems staggering when you consider it's just one thing: food.

Food is a necessity and that point can't be argued, but the way you spend and how much you spend to attain it certainly can and should be if the numbers simply aren't computing properly.


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