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Posted By: The Cheapest Skate in Frugality on 07/17/2007 at 13:19:23

Now if you have multiple fitness centers around you, you should look into trial memberships. Some places, knowing they have a lot of competition, will offer 14 free visits (maybe more, maybe less) to determine if you like their facilities. If you find multiple places that offer this type of option, you can sneak out another month, maybe two, of not actually having to pay for a gym membership while getting all of the good deals. You might also try finding the cheapest place, and seeing if another gym will match their membership price. It doesn't hurt to try.

The biggest thing you need to ask yourself is how likely you are to use your membership. If money is tight, do you really want to be spending your limited funds on something that you can live without· Another cost-saving option you can look into is garage sales. Go around - you'll be surprised at the number of people who are selling old exercise machines/treadmills/etc because they found they didn't use them enough. They're usually big and bulky, which means people want to get rid of them. If you're not into machines, you can probably do most of your exercising without any expensive membership or equipment necessary. If you want the doctor's advice on a place to look into, it's Planet Fitness. Only $10 a month for a membership and no signup/membership fees.


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