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Posted By: The Cheapest Skate in Frugality on 07/17/2007 at 13:13:02

It seems to me that nowadays, everyone is trying to either get in shape or stay in shape. I must admit that even between doctor classes, I'll try to hit the gym. Well, that is when my wallet isn't hurting too much. It seems that the more I try to work out, the more likely I am to strain my cash holder. However, you can learn from my pain, without the agony or the sweat, and save your aching for the gym.

What is a financially conscious, but fit-focused soul to do· The first thing you need to do is consider fitness locations. Are there lots of gyms located around you· Are you stuck with only one or two options· All of these are important questions to consider when you're trying to find a place to go to tighten up those quads and shed some of those extra equatorial pounds. If you don't have many options, make sure you call the places and find out exactly what you'll be paying a month - watch out for those hidden fees or the initial membership gouging. Also inquire what services are included: free personal trainers, guarantees about the availability of machines, free tanning, and free parking· All of these are important questions to ask. You should also see what types of deals they give - such as student discounts where they charge you at a lower rate, but at the same time these rates only usually apply to the summer months. A tough break, but if you're not sure how dedicated you'll be to the whole process, a worthwhile option to consider.


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