Hot to Trot: How to save on all things as Summer ends

Posted By: Matt in Frugality on 09/13/2016 at 10:46:34

Everyone knows just how important summer is since that is the time for vacations, getting away and kids out of school and desperately needing to keep them busy.

All of that equates to the propensity to want to spend money in all the right places, but needing to somehow find a balance between overspending and being able to stick to a budget so that you don't hit Labor Day with a non existent savings account.

Most of know the tricks of the trade as far as how to save money on a hotel, by letting hotels vie for your dollar, or perhaps booking a trip during the week as far as flights are concerned. Sometimes buying a plane ticket and bundling it with the car rental also allows you to have a discount on that package.

But the one that tends to throw parents off more so then planning a trip to the beach or a getaway on a fishing trip is just how to keep kids busy day in and day out, without having to spend money on them.

The easy, and more expensive out, is simply taking them to the movies, taking them to amusement parks or other activities that cost money. What about being able to keep kids entertained without spending the proverbial arm and a leg on eating out a restaurants or running up your cable or data bill with movie rentals and smart phone apps for them to play games·

The trick is finding a happy medium where kids don't realize they're not being indulged and yet still have them walk away having fun and being amused in the process. Often overlooked are low cost, parks and recreation programs that tend to be a summer long set of activities for a reasonable price.

In some cases, free activities abound and parents, for whatever reason, tend to overlook them or not even realize they exist. Sure, they might not be a roller coaster, but a lot of times even a community fare is free, aside from food and games but rides are part of the deal as well.

Parents also can't be afraid to let kids do something that is easy but somewhat revolutionary: let them enjoy the toys and games they have or take advantage of movies or books at your local library.

Granted, you don't want kids sitting inside playing video games but what about that baseball mitt, soccer ball or basketball court you have outside. That can't or shouldn't go unnoticed this summer, nor should the slew of movies and literature available to enjoy for free at most local libraries.

Summer can be a money saving pit, but only if you're not paying closer attention to how to have fun and keep from spending too much in the process.


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