Tricks of trade: How to score big with next credit card

Posted By: Matt in Credit on 06/11/2016 at 09:33:02

Credit cards, just those words, are, well, bad.

No one wants to associate with credit cards or have anyone know they have one, much less a trail of them, which means you're paying and not making headway on those higher interest rates and seem as though you'll never get out of debt.

But can credit cards actually be a good thing·

Naturally, you can spin credit cards into something that aren't so bad, namely the ones that are fighting for your business, will offer you bonuses and perks, as well as lower interest rates and those other elements you look for in a credit card.

The bare bones of credit cards indicate you should only use them in an emergency or if you're buying something online (and security might be an issue), but the bottom line is you should use the credit card and try to pay it off as soon as possible.

Being able to pay off that card as soon as possible means you should find a creditor or lender that can work with you as far as when you pay your bill. Keeping your credit and score in line means paying on time, so make sure that payment date works for you. The payment date, despite what some card companies will tell you, can be worked out and chosen or moved to help you, for instance, pay off your balances in full when that pay date comes around your pay day.

As much as everyone who has a piece of plastic knows this, that rule isn't followed. Credit cards should never be used for things that aren't tangible, like using them to pay bills or charging your way to a vacation for two.

Finding the right credit card really makes a huge difference, so as you begin to think about credit cards or finding one, think about choosing one that, for instance, offers you a bonus for signing up, such as frequent flyer miles you can use or some sort of points system that is paid out immediately upon getting the card.

You'll want to steer clear of annual fees, which are truthfully a thing of the past. Credit cards are begging for business, and most will let you have a card without charging you just for that sole purpose (of having one).

Having a credit card today is a necessity for the majority of people, but that doesn't mean you have to succumb to the bad habits or even the bad cards, especially when you're adept at shopping around for the cream of the crop of credit cards.


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