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Posted By: Matt in Frugality on 10/08/2015 at 10:01:53

A recent article on the NPR website claimed that more than 36 million people use Internet coupons for their daily purchases. When people use coupons correctly, they can save more than 50 percent off their purchases. Nowadays, almost everything has a coupon for it. There is nothing that a consumer cannot save money on with a coupon that he or she finds on the Internet. The following are some tips for finding coupons that one needs for everyday life:

Oil Change Coupons

Automobile owners have to change their oil about every three months or 3,000 miles. A consumer can find a slew of oil change coupons by entering the phrase "oil change" into a search engine. The search will return some amazing deals such as the $10 Goodyear oil change, the $20 Jiffy Lube oil change and the $17.99 Sears oil change. Another way that a person can get a discount on an oil change is to visit a mixed coupon site or take advantage of one-day sales. An example of a mixed site that one can visit for an oil change coupon is

Grocery Store Coupons

Food shopping is becoming an expensive venture for consumers around the world. The average grocery store bill for American consumers is about $240 a month, according to a report by the How Stuff Works webmaster. Consumers can cut that bill down significantly using a number of strategies. The first strategy is to obtain a grocery discount card from the facility. Most grocery stores offer such cards at the checkout line. The second strategy is to visit a site such as Groupon or Coupon Cabin to look for coupons on specific items.

Clothing Coupons

Consumers can search for clothing coupons using sites such as and Both sites have coupons and discount codes for clothing from the top providers. Consumers can click on any of the links to the right of the page, or they can type something specific into the search bar. The site has a plethora of articles that can help consumers to make smart shopping choices, as well.

A ton of coupon sites are available for consumers who want to take advantage of them. Nowadays, there is no excuse for not using a coupon site as so many opportunities are available. Consumers can develop a smart couponing system that can get them by in the struggling economy.


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