Gas Slasher: How to Save Money on Commuting

Posted By: Matt in Frugality on 08/16/2015 at 11:13:15

The average gas price in the nation is a whopping $2.69 per gallon, according to researchers who posted the information on the Gas Buddy website. While the price is relatively low as compared to the range it was in a few years ago, it can still hit a consumer's pocket pretty hard. Traveling around can become difficult, with the price of food, clothing and toiletries at an all-time high. A frugal vehicle owner can still think of some creative ways to trim the fat off of the fuel bill, however.

Scooters Are Communtonomical

Scooters are an excellent alternative to driving a six or eight-cylinder vehicle. A scooter can get up to three times the amount of gas mileage that a car can get. For example, the Honda Dio can get up to 144 miles per gallon. It's the perfect alternative for a person who needs to travel back and forth to work or school. The downside is that the weather determines rideability.

Sleep on the Train, or Relax on the Bus

Public transportation is still a good backup method for people who want to save money on driving their cars. The cost of a bus ride is usually less than $2 unless the person has to perform a transfer at some time. Buses usually travel every hour. Trains are a bit more expensive than buses are, but they still cost less than the average vehicle ride costs. One of the best benefits of riding a train is that the travelers can sleep on the ride.

Make Some Friends With a Benz

Carpooling is always an excellent way to save money on fuel. It's an awesome way for workers and classmates to get to know one another while they are working together to save money for their families. Starting a carpool arrangement is easy. Many job locations have an established list. A new worker can ask around to see if anyone lives in the area. All carpools operate differently. One group may have all of its members chip in a small amount each week. Another group may have alternating persons pay for all the gas for the week.

Drive a Chevy Two-Footer

A person can always opt to "drive" an old-school Chevy two-footer (walk) if the commute is less than one mile long. A bicycle is another option that a person may want to take. Creative ways are always available for the frugal traveler.


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