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Posted By: The Cheapest Skate in Frugality on 07/12/2007 at 00:37:02

You want to be like everyone else with all the high-speed internet, cable, A/C and such that is out there. You might see the deals out there for things like Comcast that are all bundled together. What you might not notice is that after a year, they charge you at a higher rate and those 3 services at $33 a month really comes out looking more like $150 a month. You need all of these things, you need to surf the internet, check your emails, keep in contact with your business partners. I understand. But you don't become a doctor in frugality by splurging a whole lot.

So you need cable - are you sure about that· Are you sure that you really spend enough time watching TV to make up for the high cost of it· Do you frequently watch re-runs of shows that you've seen over and over again· If that's the type of thing that you do, you might want to consider buying DVD's of those shows. Do you watch sports on your TV· You might want to invest in one of those year-long subscriptions so that you can watch games online. Or you can use ESPN's Game day, or any of those services to keep track of up-to-the-moment games. It's cheap and effective.


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