How to Save Money on Summer Fun

Posted By: Matt in Budget on 07/10/2015 at 11:39:33

Children and adults can never wait for the summer because they all love to have fun during that time. Examples of fun that people like to have during the summer are going to the movies, dining out, playing sports and visiting various sites, attractions and landmarks. Summertime fun can be expensive if family members do not have the appropriate resources. The following are some tips and ideas for saving money on summertime fun:

Ferry Rides Instead of Cruises

Many people love the idea of taking a cruise and enjoying the beauty of a new area. Cruisers love the way the water feels, and they enjoy their time away from home during the summer. Cruises are quite expensive, however. The average cruise costs almost $1,000. One way that a family can avoid paying so much money for a cruise is to take a ferry. Most ferry rides are free, and they last anywhere from an hour to two hours. The travelers will have the opportunity to observe a new area and relax on the water without emptying their wallets. Interested persons can locate a local ferry ride by conducting an online search.

Zoos and Free Parks

Zoos and free parks are an option for families that love animals. The average price for a ticket to the zoo is $10 to $20 per person. Frugal families can try the alternative method of visiting free parks. Every locale has at least one or two free parks that families can visit. Those free parks may have ducks at them that the children can feed, and they may have benches by a body of water. Residents can find free parks by conducting an online search for such.

Specialty Bowling Events

Families that like sports can enjoy inexpensive bowling games at their local alleys. Many alleys offer cheap bowling days that everyone can enjoy. For example, one alley may have $2 bowling during which games, shoes and foods cost $2. Another alley may offer something called $1 bowling which goes by the same concept as the previously stated deal. Visitors might be able to enjoy an inexpensive two-hour special, as well. For example, they may offer a flat rate of $9 a person for as many games as that person can play in two hours.

Many more inexpensive options are available. Families can have loads of fun if they take the time to conduct research to find what they need.


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