Saving Money on Housing Expenses

Posted By: Matt in Frugality on 06/19/2015 at 11:09:24

The economy has gotten so bad lately that everyone is trying to save money on housing. They are trying to stretch their funds as much as possible so that they can still have a high life quality despite all the challenges. The following are some ways that a home owner or apartment dweller can save on housing expenses:

Roomies and Sublets

Roommates and sublets are the first things that a person will want to consider when he or she is trying to think of a way to save money on housing costs. A good, reliable roommate can assist with the rent and utility bills. Such a person could act as a backup individual for car rides and childcare in some cases, as well. The only downside to roommates is that they can be unpredictable. The homeowner will want to conduct a thorough background check and perhaps ask for security just in case he or she feels the urge to move at the last minute.

Finding All-Inclusive Situations

Another way that some people are trying to cut down housing expenses is by finding living situations that include rent and various utilities such as cable and Internet. Hotel and motel rooms are becoming popular for people who cannot afford security deposits or monthly lump sums. The only problem with all-inclusive situations is that they are sometimes highly overpriced. Residents then get stuck in the cycle of paying almost all of their paychecks for rent. The positive side is that they can enjoy a clean bed, a television with cable services, Wi-Fi, bathtub, telephone and the like.

Shave the Bills

A homeowner can try some alternative methods if the previous methods do not seem appealing to him or her. One way that a person can still save money is by shaving his or her household bills. The consumer can scan all the bills and cut each item slightly. For example, the person can remove one premium channel from the cable bill and one extra feature from the phone bill. The consumer could change the Internet service to a service that has a slower speed and a lower bill. The consumer can think of many small areas to cut. Little savings can add up to huge savings after a while.

The current times are very trying as people are fighting every way they know how to keep everything that they have. A person can still make it in the world with faith, a positive attitude and a crash course in frugality.


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