Tips for Saving Money on Fuel

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Fuel expenses are some of the heftiest expenses that affect a household. Family members always have to open their wallets when it comes time to travel back and forth to work or to run errands. With fuel prices constantly on the rise, consumers have to find creative ways to save money on each gallon. The following are some money-saving tips for one's fuel expenses:

Apply for a Gas Credit Card

A gas credit card is a credit card that focuses on fuel expenses. Such a card offers cash back for every visit that a cardholder makes to a specific gas station. For example, the American Express Blue Preferred Card offers the cardholders up to 3 percent cash back for their trips to Mobil, Shell and BP gas stations. Cardholders can earn up to $6,000 in cash back for such purchases.

Use a Comparison Tool

Many consumers make the mistake of visiting the first gas station they see when they need to fill their tanks. The difference between two gas stations can be a whopping $.10 or more per gallon. Cents can add up to dollars, and dollars can add up to hundreds in the course of a month. A gas comparison tool such as the one on can help a person to zone in on frugal gas stations. To use the tool, the person will need to type in the zip code of where he or she lives. The tool will return a smorgasbord of results that show nearby gas stations and their per gallon prices. The consumer can then choose a home gas station that offers a low per gallon price.

Use Alternative Traveling Methods

Sometimes the best way to save money on fuel costs is to use alternative traveling methods. Public transportation such as bus and train travel only costs a consumer a few dollars. Another way that a person can save money is to use a bicycle or take a walk for short-distance trips. Alternatively, the consumer can carpool with people who live nearby. Carpoolers only have to contribute a small amount of money when the group is large.

A consumer can save money on gas using a number of tips and tricks. One final tip that the person can remember is to try to purchase a fuel-efficient vehicle. Many inexpensive and fuel-efficient vehicles are on the market. Two examples are the Chevy Sonic and the Ford Focus.


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