Tips on How to Stay Within the Monthly Grocery Budget

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Modern consumers try to stick to a strict budget as much as possible. They cut every bill they can think of, but the food budget must remain the same. A family must always strive to avoid malnourishment while staying within the confines of the set budget. The following are some tips that one can use to eat comfortably while staying within the monthly budget:

Shop in Bulk

Food is less expensive for a consumer who shops in bulk. Therefore a frugal consumer will want to sign up with wholesale clubs that offer essential items in bulk amounts. Wholesale club membership does require a small fee, but the fee is usually worth the contribution.

Use Coupons and Discount Codes

Coupons and discount codes provide consumers with endless access to cost cutting. A quick Internet search can return discount codes for a shopper's favorite foods. A consumer can also look toward the weekly circular for coupons that he or she can cut and take into the grocery store. Printable coupons are available online, as well.

Take Advantage of Free Meals and Free Foods

An extremely frugal family can take advantage of free food and free meals. Churches often provide free meals to families that are trying to make ends meet. They often have food pantries, as well. A family can contact a local congregation and ask about their pantries and their meals. Most churches serve their free meals once per week, and the consumer can offer a small donation to show appreciation for the church's kindness.

Many restaurants have free meals for children that are a certain age. The parent will have to make a purchase to take advantage of the free meal, but the offer can still cut the overall cost for the family's dining.

Experiment with Smoothies and Shakes

Another good way to stretch the monthly grocery funds is to experiment with smoothies and shakes. A consumer can make a delicious smoothie with very few ingredients. A pound of bananas can go a long way, for example.

Use Credit Card Features and Grocery Cards

Grocery store membership cards offer customers the opportunity to save money. A consumer can obtain a card by requesting one at the front desk of a grocery store that he or she frequents. Taking a few minutes to complete an application can save the consumer hundreds of dollars a month.

A frugal customer can start with the previously mentioned suggestions and then build on them to make the monthly budget work.


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