Making a Quick Buck on Winter Clothing and Clutter

Posted By: Matt in Frugality on 03/27/2015 at 14:19:34

Dresser drawers and closets tend to become full over the years as the seasons change. Families end up having overflowing storage areas if they do not frequently examine their inventory and search for creative ways to eliminate extra items. Winter clothing is one item that tends to be bulky and take up closet space and drawer space.

Various household items can take a large amount of space, as well. A homeowner can earn money by selling extra items. The following are some places that the person can go to do such:

The Local Newspaper

A person can contact the local newspaper to sell household items such as appliances, gaming systems, electronics and the like. Winter clothing may be difficult to sell using the newspaper because people may want to see a visual image of it first.

The eBay Site

The eBay website is an auction site that allows consumers to offer their goods to the world for sale. Billions of people use eBay to sell their extras. Their registration requirements are not demanding, and the listing fees are inexpensive. A person can conduct a one-day auction, a three-day auction or a seven-day auction. Alternatively, sellers have the option to list their items in non-auction sales for 30 days.


Craigslist is a free online classified ad website that allows people to list their items and offer them to people in their local areas. Interested persons can contact the sellers by telephone or email and negotiate the price. Then, the two parties can meet at a public place to finalize the sale. Many people enjoy Craigslist because they can obtain cash the same day.

Yard Sales

Yard sales are great for families that want to rid themselves of a multitude of items in the household. Frugal consumers area always driving around in search of a good yard sale at which they can find deals. A family can bring in several hundred dollars if it has many pieces of clothing and household items to sell.

Flea Markets

Finally, flea markets are a good place for people who have a healthy amount of items to sell. Flea markets operate by renting tables to vendors for a certain number of hours. Vendors can then offer their goods to people who visit the flea market for inexpensive items.

One should never throw away unwanted winter clothing or appliances because someone will always need such items. A family can use any of the aforementioned methods quickly to gather funds for household bills, savings, vacations and more.


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