Home Improvement Tips to Cut Utility Bills

Posted By: Matt in Frugality on 03/10/2015 at 11:34:25

The wintertime is the part of the year that produces high bills. The electric bill seems to be a bill that soars the most. However, other bills such as the cable bill and the telephone bill may rise during the winter months, as well. The following are some home improvement tips and random tips that a homeowner can use to reduce those escalated winter bills.

Raise the Door Threshold

Many homeowners overlook a part of the home that causes warm air to escape and cold air to enter: the door threshold. The bottom of the door needs to come into full contact with the threshold so that the air does not escape. The project of raising the threshold is painless, and the homeowner can purchase the tools and materials at a home improvement store such as Lowe's or Home Depot.

Apply Plastic Film to the Windows

Plastic is quite effective for keeping air from entering or leaving a crevice. A homeowner can cut down the electric bill by putting plastic window film over the cracks. Plastic film is another cheap item with a quick installation time. The electric bill could decrease significantly after the person applies the film.

Use Space Heaters

Space heaters can be a viable solution to a cold house. They do not use the same amount of electricity that a central system uses, and the consumer can confine them to only one room. A person can purchase a space heater for approximately $14-$40 from a nearby department store. The best space heater to buy is one that has an automatic shutoff system. Automatic shutoff systems protect the members of the household from accidental fires.

Purchase a Digital Thermostat

Finally, homeowners can cut their electric bills down by installing a digital thermostat. Having the most updated thermostat is a smart move for a person who wants to manage the bills. A thermostat will turn the central heating system off once the home reaches a certain temperature. Such control will prevent astronomical bills that come from not monitoring how the system distributes the heat.

Instal a Satellite System

Families can install a satellite system to cut the cable bill down. Some providers offer free channels to customers who pay one time to buy the satellite system equipment. A good way to cut the phone bill is to switch to a VoIP provider. Starting VoIP service does not require home remodeling, but it does require an installation onto a mobile phone or a home computer.

The previously mentioned tips should help to create a decreased overall expense. Additional ideas may develop once the person sees changes in the monthly bill.


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