Spring Cleaning Tips that Won't Cost a Fortune

Posted By: Matt in Saving on 02/23/2015 at 12:25:12

Everyone gets the urge to conduct spring cleaning at one time or another. Spring cleaning is a process that involves ridding oneself of unwanted household items to make room for other things. Spring cleaning can be frustrating if the person does not have a concrete plan in place. The following are some tips for a smooth spring cleaning process:

Gather "Cleaning" Supplies

The first step in the spring cleaning process should be gathering the necessary supplies. The person should visit a nearby dollar store and purchase three or four packs of garbage bags. An abundant supply of garbage bags will make it possible for the cleaner to do quick sweeps. Quick sweeps occur when a person opens a bag and then throws a mound of unwanted items away. A spring cleaner will want to purchase cleaning gloves, air fresheners, mops and brooms, as well.

Separate Donation Items First

After gathering trash bags and storage boxes, the cleaner will want to go through the closets and drawers to find items that he or she can donate. Many unfortunate people need clothing for themselves and their family members. Organizations such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill give struggling people the opportunity to obtain clothing for a cheap price. Therefore, no one should throw away unworn clothing during spring cleaning, as someone else may need it.

Clean One Room at a Time

A successful spring cleaner has to stay organized. Cleaning only one room at a time keeps down clutter and confusion. The person will want to start with the smallest room in the house like the children's room. The person should work his or her way around the house until every room is devoid of unnecessary items. The cleaning may take several hours or several days. The key is for the person to avoid getting frustrated with the process.

Reward Family Members for Helping

The cleaning process can go smoother with the help of the members of the household. Not many people enjoy cleaning. Therefore, the person in charge may want to offer the family members prizes or rewards for helping. The children may help with the cleaning for a small gift such as a candy bar. The spouse may require additional persuasion, but he or she will help eventually. A cleaner may be able to talk a neighbor into helping, too. The event could be fun with the right attitude and a sense of motivation.


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