Saving on Holiday Gifts and Supplies

Posted By: Matt in Frugality on 12/28/2014 at 08:41:19

The holidays tend to put a strain on the collective consumer wallet. Shoppers have to marshall as much money as possible and try to fulfill the desires of their closest friends and family members.

A holiday shopper can use a number of tips and tricks to save money during the chaotic holiday season. The following are some ways that one can save money on holiday supplies and gifts:

Visiting Discount Stores

Discount stores are famous for their valiant attempts to keep holiday items affordable for consumers. Holiday shoppers can find most of their supplies such as wrapping paper and tape at discounts stores. Walmart, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree are examples of discounts stores. The same discount stores often have inexpensive gifts that people can pick up for their family members and friends. The affordable gift selection includes candles, trinkets, books and a number of fragrances and beauty items.

Waiting as Late as Possible

Holiday items tend to go on sale with massive discounts the closer it gets to the holiday. A consumer can fare well by waiting as long as possible before he or she goes on a holiday shopping spree. Shoppers sometimes wait until the week before Christmas to purchase presents. The daring shoppers wait until the last few days before the holiday.

Hitting Clearance Racks

Shoppers can take advantage of the clearance racks and receive massive discounts on clothing and other holiday gifts. Searching a clearance rack is like looking for a piece of gold in a stack of hay. A shopper can find some amazing gifts that his or her family members will treasure. However, the process requires patience. Clearance racks are full of items that were hard to sell for various reasons. The items are quite often brand new and in perfect condition.

Buying Old-School Items

Old-school items are items that were popular before the electronics age hit. A frugal holiday shopper can shop for old-school items for kids instead of buying tablets, laptops, cell phones and so forth. Examples of some old-school presents are stuffed animals, board games and books. Coloring books and LEGO toys are still popular because they can still open the door to a child's imagination. Arts and crafts items are a good way to go for saving money, as well.

Smart holiday shoppers can always find a way to save money. They can use the aforementioned tips as a starting point.


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