Saving Money by Cutting Non-Necessities

Posted By: Matt in Frugality on 09/17/2014 at 13:15:45

Non-necessities are the non-essential activities that people love to do. They involve activities such as going to the theater, dining out for lunch and dinner, stopping by Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts in the morning, bowling, playing pool, performing shopping sprees and the like.

A person who is on a budget will need to cut non-necessities to achieve the goal of saving money. Cutting non-necessities does not have to result in boredom or depression, however. The following are some tips on cutting non-necessities and replacing them with savings-friendly activities:

Walk or Bike to Work

Leaving the car parked during the workweek can save a person as much as $20 to $50 a week. A frugal person can use walking or bicycling as an alternative traveling method if the job is within two miles. Those two activities can give a person a chance to observe the surroundings and the beauty of nature in the morning. Walking and bicycling can do wonders for the person's cardiovascular system and muscle tone, as well.

Pack a Lunch

Many people throw away money by stopping at coffee shops and fast food restaurants before and during work. Packing a healthy lunch is a good way to save money. Purchasing a jumbo container of coffee and some delicious additives at the grocery store is another way a person can save on those Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts visits. A container of coffee costs less than $5, and it can last for a few weeks. The daily trips to the coffee shops can cost as much as $15-$20 a week. Fast food lunches can rack up quickly, as well. Therefore, the frugal consumer can fin quite a bit of money saving opportunities in replacing the non-necessities.

Engage in Creative Free Recreational Activities

A frugal family can find a myriad of alternative recreational activities that do not cost money. Walking through the park, going outside and taking pictures of nature, and visiting free musical concerts are examples of some activities. The members can also use their imaginations to create additional outdoor activities such as front-yard sports or gardening adventures.

Read a Book or Flip Through the Free Movies

A frugal person can have fun reading books instead of paying more than $10 per person for weekend theater expeditions. Books are available by the busload at most flea markets and thrift shops. offers a multitude of free books and cheap books, as well. Additionally, cable companies have free movies that customers can watch when they are bored. A frugal customer can find hundreds of movies that he or she has never before seen.

Saving money is all about creativity. A creative, frugal person can accumulate significant savings in no time.


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