Frugal Parent-Child Activities

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Positive child rearing includes taking time with your children to conduct activities that stimulate and challenge them physically and mentally. Although that feat is becoming increasingly difficult with constantly increasing price changes, you can still take part in some smart and frugal parent-child activities. The following are several activities that will not cost you a penny:

Public Basketball

If you already own a basketball, then it will cost you nothing to take your children to shoot hoops. Basketball provides an excellent amount of cardiovascular exercise as well as hand-eye coordination practice. Local parks are likely to have free basketball courts that you can take your children to during those restless times. Schools often have basketball courts in the back that residents can use all times of the year.

Reading for Fun

Reading is the oldest parent-child activity in the book, but many parents do not know how they can make it fun. Taking your children into their room and reading with them by nightlight is a great way to grab some extra bonding time. For a more adventurous reading expedition, you can drive to the beach or a campground and read with your children during a family picnic.


Window-shopping can be tricky, but it is one of the most fascinating and healthy exercises you can do with your child. Walking around in the local mall will provide you with the perfect opportunity to exercise your legs and back. You can tell your children that you are searching for cool items to put on Santa's list for the next Christmas. Explaining the adventure in such a way will cut down on your child's desire to obtain gifts immediately.


Drawing is a favorite activity for many children. It is something that you can do with them at any time of the day or night, and it only costs you time. You do not have to buy new materials, as you can always find something around the home with which you can draw. Every home has at least a few pencils and pens. Of course, purchasing a new easel or some pastel-colored pencils is not prohibited in the least.

Free Zoos and Parks

Finally, you can take your children on an animal adventure at a local park that has various animal species. You can take


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