Three Awesome Frugal First Date Ideas

Posted By: Matt in Frugality on 07/02/2014 at 07:49:05

A first date is an experience that allows two people to meet in person and find out more about each other. Therefore, first time daters should focus on securing private time to speak with the each other rather than intricate and expensive ventures. Nowadays, the cost of activities such as restaurant eating, movies and recreational activities is extremely expensive. Frugal daters will want to come up with unique first-date activities that are adventurous and satisfying without being heavy on the pockets. The following are three ideas for frugal first dates:

An Evening Walk on the Beach

A walk on the beach during the nighttime hours sets an extremely romantic setting without costing either party any money other than parking fees. Some beaches even have convenient nearby parking lots that do not cost a penny. The two daters can enjoy the warm night breeze and the hypnotizing allure of the moon and stars. They can get to know each other by asking questions and opening up dialogue under the sky's light. Additionally, they can take two beach chairs with them to extend their stay and their quiet time.

A Driving Expedition

Two people who are comfortable enough to sit in the same car with each other can enjoy a spontaneous driving expedition as a first date. The couple can drive around and explore new towns that they never before entered. During the drive, the couple can enjoy a wide variety of music or the calm comforts of each other's voices. Additionally, they may discover some landmarks that they can explore such as famous parks with statues, lit bridges, mountains or memorials. The only costs associated with such a drive are fuel costs and the costs of additional activities such as eating snacks or meals.

Table Tennis

Daters who have an interest in sports can enjoy a challenging game of Table Tennis at a local facility for an inexpensive price. Certain colleges and YMCA sites offer free Table Tennis activities for adults during certain times. Table Tennis is a fun game that is not too physically draining or loud. The couple can still talk with each other about their life goals and desires while challenging each other to one of the oldest and most enjoyable sports ever created.

A couple that is going on a first date will have to spend time with each other to see if sparks fly. If the two people connect, then they can have intricate and expensive dates in the future.


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