TREASURE HUNT: One man's trash could be your route to financial freedom

Posted By: Matt in Budget on 04/28/2014 at 09:04:31

Whether you have a job that isn't paying you nearly enough to live comfortable or you're one of the million Americans who simply can't land a job no matter how hard you try, you might want to consider a career in the trash business.

That isn't meant to suggest you try your luck as a sanitation worker or garbage man by any means, but rather ponder how you can turn used or gently used items into either a second income or your sole means of earning a living.

Suggesting that you somehow transform the trash of someone else into your own personal treasure isn't quite as far fetched as it sounds. Web sites like Craigslist and eBay have allowed plenty of budding business majors and would be entrepreneurs a chance to dip their toe in the sales water with an endeavor that could easily lead to some extra college cash or even a career.

Perhaps selling clothing on eBay or hopping from one garage sale to another in search of old toys to sell on Craiglist will eventually transform into selling larger scale items and giving your a keen sense of buying low and selling high.

Then again, maybe the ceiling isn't so low to stay the course on these auction based sites and turn your part time job and hobby into an actual long term, consistent income. If you're a fan of eBay as far as buying, you may notice that some long standing sellers not only have hundreds of thousands of feedback but also classify what they do on the site under the tag line "store."

These savvy salespersons might be in the online auction game for a few bucks or this store of sorts could be how they solely make their money. Either way, this type of business stands as untapped potential to raise your financial stock and finally start saving a few bucks.

Take clothing for men as an example.

Men hate the idea of shopping, and wouldn't necessarily be opposed to buying certain things used, such as work boots, shoes or even a pair of jeans or dress pants. Whether the clothing you're turning around and selling is yours or if you've found a reliable, approved source for your inventory (such as sales or second hand shops).

Stumbling across a dozen pairs of Guess jeans for $5 bucks a pop and turning around and selling them for $20 a piece just netted you nearly $200 in profit. Even if you're using eBay as your site of choice, you'll still walk away with close to that amount once you've paid your fees.

If you want something bigger and more lucrative, you might want to try your luck at antiques. Of course, you might have to do a little research, start small and have at least a little start up capital to get moving, but the result could be more money in your pocket and a career that you not only enjoy but one that pays more than you might have originally assumed.


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