MOVIE FLUFFS: Your love of the cinema might be sinking your budget

Posted By: Matt in Budget on 02/24/2014 at 15:02:16

Who doesn't love to take in a movie on a Friday or Saturday night·

Whether you're watching the latest Hollywood remake or action thriller alone or cuddling up next to someone special for a romantic comedy, the movie is an entertainment staple, something that is easy to do and quite enjoyable as long as you choose a film that isn't a flop.

But beyond achieving cinematic bliss or engrossing yourself in a story you simply can't turn away from, there is one element of the movie experience that is hard to ignore: the cost.

Days of movies costing only a few dollars have been supplanted by $10 per person tickets and a snack bar that is close to having investment bankers stationed nearby, given the rising costs of popcorn, candy and drinks.

So how exactly can you still enjoy your favorite movie, minus the cost·

For starters, maybe you should try to wake up a little early and turn your nighttime movie binge into an afternoon of action, comedy or romance for about half the cost. Plenty of movie theaters also offer weekday specials with discounted rates on food, drinks and tickets.

Who says movies only can be enjoyed on Friday night· Wednesday is looking pretty good at the moment, given your double digit ticket price is cut by 50% or more. If you're still interested in going to the movies once the sun sets, do a little research and reserve a seat in a discount theater or one that maybe doesn't have five screen playing the same movie, and instead still sports a fantastic, remarkable big screen and superior sound, only without the additional charge squarely placed on you.

One huge mistake to make en route to the movies is heading there hungry. Try your best to eat before you go, otherwise your stomach will growl, grumble and turn on your fairly quickly in the midst of act number two.

That will have you rushing for the refreshment stand and emptying your wallet in one fell swoop. Not even your pal Superman can stop this diabolical plot to plow through every last dollar you have to your name.

What Superman might suggest is finding a nearby restaurant or other establishments that might offer discounted movie tickets when you eat there. Dinner and a movie is a classic one, two punch, so why not find a restaurant that not only serves the purpose of eating but also cuts you a break on the price of a ticket.

Hitting the theater is a sure fire way to kill two or three hours but also enjoy the favorite movie of your choice. What it shouldn't be is a $50 or $60 endeavor that leaves you broke for the weekend, and wondering if you would have been better off waiting for it on DVD.


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