HOUSE POOR: Saving money starts with simple repairs you can do yourself

Posted By: Matt in Frugality on 02/01/2014 at 12:40:39

No one is going to mistake you for Bob Villa any time soon. But that doesn't mean you can't figure out at least a few repairs on your own.

You might assume that any time you have an issue within the confines of your home, no matter how insignificant it may seem, requires a phone call to a repair person, contractor, electrician or painter or someone else that isn't you.

That typically leads to a hefty repair bill, most of which is comprised of labor and not so much materials.

At this point, you're probably asking yourself one very important, money saving question: why can't I fix this stuff myself· Truthfully, most home improvement tasks should be left to the experts. That means no rewiring on your own, or poking around the attic trying to fix that leaky roof.

That doesn't mean, however, there aren't a few repairs, even if you have little or no wherewithal as far as fixing things, that you can't handle on your own. The result is plenty of extra money in your pocket as annual expenses in the form of repairs can set you back thousands.

The repairs that you should be able to handle are things like fixing a crack in a dining room table or bedroom dresser with a little wood putty, a putty knife and a little sandpaper made specifically for fine wood.

In that same breath, don't bother calling an expensive repair man for something like a hole in the wall, when all you need is a little Spackle, that same putty knife and a little extra paint you saved the last time your freshened up a room in your house.

Once again, it isn't so much the cost of the repair per say that you'd be face to face with from a professional but rather the notion that you're paying between $20-40 per hour to have someone come to your house. That hourly rate often is in addition to a fee just to come out and access the problem.

If you still find yourself in a situation where you need a pro, make sure you search out a reputable business that can provide references and a free estimate so that you can compare bid from the respective companies.

But in the meantime, dust off that tool belt, find your way to the nearest home improvement store and don't be afraid to tackle repairs and reap money savings benefits in the process.


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