Cure for Baldness·

Posted By: Dr. Frugal in Frugality on 02/25/2008 at 06:11:10

There are very few things in life I would pay a lot of money for; it's one of the not-so-secret side-effects of being frugal. I don't have a nice car or nice things but I do have some money in the bank. And why, friends, do I have money in the bank· So I can spend it on things that I deem worthy enough. One of those things is this...sort of. Apparently scientists have finally unlocked the gene that makes you go bald. I started going bald around the age of 19 and now, some ten years later it's pretty bad. If you haven't had the experience you can't really understand. Going bald isn't something you want and it's certainly something you can't control. Eating healthy, exercising--none of that matters. You're just kind of stuck. I once read a poll in a girly-magazine where the vote was split 50/50 for the question "Would you rather your man go bald or be perpetually unemployed·" Wow. That's not very fair now is it.

I'm not one to look into Rogaine or hair plugs but if there were a gene therapy I'd be totally down for getting it.


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