Toyota Overtakes Ford

Posted By: Dr. Frugal in Economics on 01/04/2008 at 06:26:48

Toyota is now the #2 car-maker in the United States, pushing Ford out of the slot for the first time in 77 years (GM is still #1). I'm sure there are a lot of people at Ford sitting around wondering how this is possible. I'll tell you right now. Both my wife and mom drive Camry's while I drive a Taurus. None of us do any "heavy" driving and the cars each have between 50-60k miles. My Taurus has been in the shop 17 times since I've had it while the Camrys (Camries·) have each been ONCE--to replace brakes. The Taurus has practically been rebuilt at this point. Heads-up Ford, stop running commercials and wasting money on that crap and focus (no pun intended) on building cars that don't totally and completely suck.


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