Merck Settles

Posted By: Dr. Frugal in Economics on 11/11/2007 at 08:01:53

Merck agreed to pay $4,850,000,000 in damages as part of a settlement over Vioxx. I am terrified to even write Vioxx in a blog since I get so many spammy emails asking about it. On other sites I've blogged on, I know there are tons of spam comments about various medicines and I really don't want that to happen here.

Anyway, it is, as far as I know, the largest single-product settlement in US history. There were about 50,000 outstanding personal injury lawsuits against Merck and this will supposedly clear them up. Even though they had to pay out nearly $5b, they still took in almost $3b on the Vioxx sales so they're probably not going to be going out of business any time soon.


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