Tax Evaders Surrender

Posted By: Dr. Frugal in Taxes on 10/05/2007 at 05:49:59

The much-publicized NH couple who refused to pay their taxes came to a peaceful end when they surrendered yesterday. They had always contended that taxing citizens was illegal under the constitution. Personally, I don't mind paying taxes. Do I agree with how 99% of the money is spent· Absolutely not. But I live in a country where I don't have to worry about being blown up on my way to work. Or that my kids will be stolen. Or that I will have to leave my job to work as a miner for the government.

I know paying taxes sucks--you could spend the money better yourself. A good 40% (I would guess) of Americans could. But that's the trade-off, you have to pay to play.

At least it had a peaceful outcome.


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