Frugal Grocery Shopping

Posted By: Dr. Frugal in Frugality on 06/07/2007 at 15:45:43

When I was growing up all of the generic brands at our local store came in bright yellow boxes. As you wheeled around the store I was convinced every single person with name-brand cereals and snacks thought my dad was some cheapskate and frankly, it was kind of embarrassing. Grocery stores have wizened up to brand awareness are now their packaging looks just as good as most household-name brands. The quality difference is negligible so cut those coupons and save some money by buying the store brand. In my current household, the savings was over $300 a month. Now let's be realistic, here are some things that, for my dollar, I think are worth the splurge: coffee, gatorade, cheese, Rice Crispies. No really, those generic "puffed rice" cereals are disgusting. So are the "enhanced sports drinks". Sometimes you just have to cut loose and spend the extra money.

The key to frugal grocery shopping is a combination of store-brands and coupons. The coupons play a key role if you have some flexibility in what you're willing to eat. Always check the weekly advertisements for discounts and steaks and meats. A friend of mine from college also suggests shopping on Thursdays as that's the last day of the week's sales and the stores are more eager to clear out the stock of the previous week's sale before posting new ones.


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