Travel for Cheap II

Posted By: The Cheapest Skate in Frugality on 08/27/2007 at 21:53:48

So you've just scored tickets to your exotic destination. What now· This is where your late-night research pays off. Before you make the trek to the airport and try to find a flight, you want to call hostels in the area that you're going. You can try hotels or motels, but if you're tying to travel cheap, hostels are the way to go. They cater to people on a budget and you can find some really nice places. I stayed at one once and it was nicer than hotels I've stayed in. Did I mention it was 50% cheaper than the hotels in the area· Once you know that you've got an air plane ticket, you can either shoot the hotel/hostel an email or call them and let them know you'll be there that night. That way you have a place to stay and can plan your vacation from there. Have a good trip!

You should make sure to do all of this during the off-season for whichever country you're trying to visit. Remember that whole seasonal thing being different depending on which hemisphere you're in. You can also take advantage of great deals through organizations, such as the Student Travel Association, if you happen to still be a student of some fashion. Remember, part-time students count too!


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