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Danger ahead: How to spot financial woes before it’s too late

What often makes managing money so difficult is ignorance, that ability you have to ignore just how bad things are yet still talk yourself into a better place and assume that tomorrow will be better. But how can tomorrow look any different than today if you don't change the status quo, namely wha.... Keep Reading

Joint Accountable: How to manage money with someone who can’t

Are you pretty good at managing money? Do you have a savings account with more than a few dollars in it? Have you opted to set aside more money for retirement and have a 401K or IRA that is working at this very moment? If you've answered "yes" to all of those questions, then you're well .... Keep Reading

Advisory Bored: How to spot bad money saving advice

When it comes to money, everyone has an opinion. Right or wrong, you'll get advice from just about everyone, muddying the waters of how to save money even more than they already are. The issue isn't so much friends, family members or coworkers trying to be helpful as much as it is you, the one.... Keep Reading

Sole Survivor: How to save money minus the big paycheck

So your paycheck isn't really doing it for you, is it? In fact, you're rather bummed that your bi weekly or weekly income is hardly making you richer or, quite frankly, allowing you to save money. Must be the fault of the paycheck and the paycheck alone, right? The truth is how much you make i.... Keep Reading

Significant Druthers: Is your spouse or partner sabotaging savings plan

Plenty of individuals, couples and families ponder on a daily basis how they can save more money and, despite their best attempts, can't seem to accurately put their finger on why they're having so much trouble. In some cases, the finger should be pointed directly at their significant other. Now, t.... Keep Reading

Early Burden: Why smart money practices should start right away

When you were younger, you mostly likely heard from your parents, grandparents or any adult how to properly do things, whether it was holding a fork correctly or saying "thank you" whenever the situation called for it. At the time, the explanation was perhaps either non existent or curt, but th.... Keep Reading

Savings Canned: Why aren’t you able to save?

If you're someone who has the best intentions when it comes to saving money, but yet you simply can't, you might not want to totally believe that all is your fault. Chances are you have the right idea, and you realize the basics when it comes to saving money, such as having a budget to follow, .... Keep Reading

Savings Fanned: Why most are missing mark on saving money

We just can't seem to get it right, can we? The "we" in that sentiment is the general public, the masses and just about everyone who collects a paycheck every week or two. The "it" focuses on saving money, specifically having a budget and spending accordingly with the ability to put an e.... Keep Reading

Debt Excessive: How to know when you have too much debt

Have you ever thought about debt and wondered just how much you owe? Do you have any idea what your debt even looks like, beyond paying that minimum monthly payment every month and not so much concerning yourself with the grand total? If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are yo.... Keep Reading

Retired Pressure: Are you saving enough to eventually call it quits?

The question that most of the world faces as they continue toward retirement is plain and quite simple: are you going to have enough to retire? The real issue stems from whether or not you're doing two things well at the moment: saving money and putting enough away toward retirement? The savin.... Keep Reading

Wrong Turn: How to keep life events from ruining ability to save

Plenty of things can derail your ability to save money. Some of which have really nothing to do with you. Those money missteps that belong to you are easy to see, and can be pinpointed easily as to why you're not saving money. You spend more than you make. You don't budget. Your idea of saving.... Keep Reading

Tips for Saving Money on Fuel

Fuel expenses are some of the heftiest expenses that affect a household. Family members always have to open their wallets when it comes time to travel back and forth to work or to run errands. With fuel prices constantly on the rise, consumers have to find creative ways to save money on each gallon..... Keep Reading

Spring Cleaning Tips that Won't Cost a Fortune

Everyone gets the urge to conduct spring cleaning at one time or another. Spring cleaning is a process that involves ridding oneself of unwanted household items to make room for other things. Spring cleaning can be frustrating if the person does not have a concrete plan in place. The following are s.... Keep Reading

Reducing Your Monthly Auto Expenses

An automobile can be a costly commodity with expenses such as insurance, fuel and repairs. Frugal consumers will have to take steps to reduce their monthly vehicle-associated costs if they would like to survive in the declining economy. The following are some helpful tips for reducing the monthly ex.... Keep Reading

How to Get Deals on Electronic Cigarettes Online

By now, the majority of smokers has heard about the way electronic cigarettes are sweeping the nation. You may be curious about vaping, and you might want to shop for your first e-cigarette online. Hundreds of online vendors sell electronic cigarettes. Therefore, knowing where to shop can be confusi.... Keep Reading

SUMMERTIME BLUES: Why summer often sucks the life out of your budget

Who doesn't love the perfect summer vacation? The blue skies, warm temperatures and stunning tourist spots come together to create a renowned recipe that you can't help but revel in while you're soaking up the sun. Those heat waves turn rather frigid if you're not paying close attention to your .... Keep Reading

Dorm Dayze: Saving for college starts with simply being smart

College tuition has taken a turn for the worse as most families fret over having enough cash or savings on hand to pay for everything from tuition to housing and all in between. While kids are cracking the books, parents have to get cracking and start putting aside more than just a few dollars thes.... Keep Reading

Led Zeppelin: Reunion Tour

What on Earth does Led Zeppelin have to do with saving money? Well, nothing directly. But this is why you save your money! So that you can go across the world to hear the greatest rock band of all-time play. You forgo your daily latte and in return you're rewarded by going to the first date of t.... Keep Reading

Bank Fees

The fees banks charge for their services can contribute a significant amount to their bottom line. Subsequent sections in this part on banking discuss fees for a variety of services that banks provide. Fees are particularly attractive to banks because they aren't rate sensitive--most do not fluctu.... Keep Reading

How Banks Make Money

On the surface, it would appear that there is no way a bank could lose money. Your friendly banker gladly pays you a small (very small) percent interest on your savings, then turns around and lends those deposits out at several times the interest rate in the form of loans. It's the banking equival.... Keep Reading

How to Love Inflation

One asset class loves inflation: real property, which means precious metals and real estate. In times of economic instability, which define high inflation, investors seek out value in gold and real estate. inflation doesn't make real estate easier to buy but it does tend to push up prices. During.... Keep Reading

Inflation and Interest Rates

The primary weapon used in the fight on inflation is the core interest rates controlled by the Federal Reserve Board. A special committee of the Fed, as it's known, meets eight times a year to analyze economic data and act on interest rates. The Fed's actions have the effect of making it cheaper o.... Keep Reading

Is Inflation Dangerous?

Is all inflation bad? If you ask an economist that question, you'll get a typical economist answer: it depends. If you define inflation as a general rise in the price of goods and services, there is often a corresponding rise in wages. The children of baby boomers who are graduating from college .... Keep Reading

Calculating the End Balance

You can use the APY for more than just deciding which deposit products to pick--it can help you figure out what your ending balance will be at the end of a year's investment. Here's the formula, it's really simple: Balance*(1+APY)=Ending Balance. If you plug in some numbers, like 10k as your begin.... Keep Reading

All in the Timing

Starting a savings regimen early is about on par with flossing your teeth--you know you should do it but come on, if I don't am I really in that bad of shape? Look at savings plans like this--they're a proven way to built wealth and employs the power of compound interest for you. Steve (age 30) in.... Keep Reading

Consumer Spending

Wren interest rates are low, people are more likely to buy on credit, which increases consumer spending. Consumer spending accounts for about two-thirds of our economy, so when people feel good about spending, the economy chugs along. Businesses expand and hire more people. Wages rise as employer.... Keep Reading

The Joys of Inflation

Inflation is the effect of rising prices on your purchasing power. When calculating how much money you will need in the future, you absolutely need to plan for fiscal inflation. Otherwise, it will take huge chunks out of your spending plans. The annual inflation rate since 1992 has been about 2.5.... Keep Reading

Financial Planning Acronyms

CFP: Certified Financial Planner; this is the top professional designation for financial planners. The Certified Planning Board of Standards sets the standards for this designation. CFPs have knowledge of investments, estate and retirement planning, and insurance and taxes. Candidates must comple.... Keep Reading

Spending can be saving

Sometimes spending can be saving. My friend's family had a maid growing up and I always considered it a wasteful expense. Who can't clean up after themselves? Their family was decidedly middle-class and it seemed to me that if you're capable of doing something yourself, then you should be doing i.... Keep Reading

Building Your Savings

Set up a separate account for your savings. If those funds mix around with your day-to-day funds, it's almost inevitable that you'll end up using some (or all) of the savings, and you might not ever repay it. There's also a mental piece: seeing your savings grow each month and hitting financial go.... Keep Reading

Time Is Money

The saying time is money is such a clich that you probably think nothing of it anymore. It's true though: there's a reason it's so ubiquitous. The time value of money is based on the concept that the dollar you earn today is more valuable than the dollar you WOULD earn later because you could inv.... Keep Reading

Paying Yourself First

One of things that I did not learn until late in life was to pay myself first. When you get a paycheck take the amount you've budgeted for savings and "pay" yourself. Treat this installment into your savings just like you would any other bill. Putting money into savings is more difficult in princ.... Keep Reading

The Rule of 72

The Rule of 72 (as it's called in some circles, including mine) essentially tells you how long it will take any current savings or investment to double. For example if you have $100 earning 8%, 72/8 = 9. So it will take nine years for that $100 to grow into $200. Conversely, you can also use th.... Keep Reading

Self-Education on Money

Since we don't always learn the basics of personal finance from our parents sometimes we need to acquire those skills on our own later in life. According to the Jumpstart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy, the average high school graduate lacks even f.... Keep Reading

Recalculating Your Net Worth

It's a good idea to recalculate your net worth at least annually. It usually takes only a few minutes once you've created your first evaluation. Believe it or not, doing it every month, while it might seem excessive, will be of great benefit. If you're married, talk to your spouse about what you'.... Keep Reading

Setting Long-Term Goals

Long-term goals are really not much more than a series of short-term goals. Breaking your long-term goals into short-term goals (typically a year or less) makes it easier to stay focused on the future as well as giving you a sense of accomplishment as these goals are met. Remember to make your goa.... Keep Reading

The Importance of Financial Goals

Many people go through life without any sort of plan for their financial future. The road to financial freedom can potentially lead to a complete dead end or, better yet, your destination. Specific financial goals and written plans for the achievement of these goals will help you focus your effort.... Keep Reading


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