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Sarah Palin is an Idiot

Ok, the Republican Party just lost my vote. I had fully intended on voting for McCain but now that Sarah Palin could be the next president, I guess Obama/Biden will get my vote. Sarah Palin is such an idiot--she knows nothing about nothing (except how to raise her kids like poor beltway kids: one .... Keep Reading

Condoleezza for VP?

There's been some speculation that none other than Condoleezza Rice is eying the vice president spot in the Republican party. I never really cared for her because I thought she had no backbone. If we .... Keep Reading

Gore-Led Ticket?

There are talks in DC about an Al Gore-led ticket if August comes and neither Obama nor Clinton is the clear front-runner. Personally, I think this is a terrible idea because yes, Al Gore.... Keep Reading


I know this is supposed to be "bad" but I think it's great that people are finally starting to vote for the person instead of the party. To save you the time of actually reading it, .... Keep Reading

First Sptizer now Paterson

Dear Anti-Gay Marriage Advocates, I'm really getting tired of hearing about the "sanctity of marriage". You want to talk to me about the sanctity of marriage? Why don't you talk to me about Eliot Spitzer and his "straight" marriage that apparently included a ton of prostitutes or maybe his new re.... Keep Reading

Huckabee Wants Deadlock

Governor Huckabee has declared his new goal to be a deadlock of the Republican National Convention. Hey, it's good to have goals but come on now, why not just go for broke? You'v.... Keep Reading

"Blackness" in the Campaign

Can we stop talking about Barack being black now? Yes, he's black but who cares? He's not defined by being black and I think that's a resounding statement for him. I think anyone that defies a single label is do.... Keep Reading

Chelsea at my Alma Mater

Apparently my alma mater, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is now called the University of Milwaukee. Weird. I looked on their site and it's still uwm.edu but apparently they voted for a name change a.... Keep Reading

Obama Takes Grammy

Yes We Can...Keep Reading

Republican Debate Recap

In case you missed the Republican debate last night here's a quick summary: Moderator: Mitt Romney, you've never served in the military--do you think you could perform as Commander in Chief? Romney: Let me say first that John McCain is a bumbling idiot and I don't even know who these other non-pr.... Keep Reading

Richardson Quits

Bill Richardson has bowed out of the 2008 presidential election after some subpar showings in both Iowa and New Hampshire. I could really care less what happens in the Democratic party but the more divisive they ar.... Keep Reading

Iowa Caucus

I'd be remiss if I didn't at least mention the caucus across the Mississippi River in Iowa today. The winners were clearly Obama (gag) and Huckabee (double-gag). I have been pulling for Romney and I can't believe he was not able to tough it out there. Huckabee is just so...stupid. I just want to.... Keep Reading

$200 Per Vote

According to the NY Post, candidates are currently spending about $200 a vote as they prepare for the Iowa primary. If you wanted to carry that into the general election, and ensure .... Keep Reading

Man of the Year

Let the record show this will be the first and last time I ever agree on something. Time Magazine choose Putin as its Man of the Year is really ridiculous. I could even see Hugo Chavez before Putin. Russia is going nowhere.... Keep Reading

Approval Ratings

Let's say you're at work and you get a call from one of your clients. They are very unhappy with the fact you sent them a particular contractor for their project. You ask them to fill out an informal survey and they give him an overall score of 22%. "Wow", you think. "I know this guy. He's an o.... Keep Reading

Kudos to Ron Paul

Ok Ronnie. I'm never, ever going to vote for you. That said, way to go with the fundraising. I'm not sure who keeps giving you money but I would have thought you'd be long-gone by now. You're not. You're still .... Keep Reading

Latest Gallup Poll

Now that I officially have a "politics" section, I guess I need to start filling it up. According to a poll, Congress' approval rating is 22% and President Bush's is 37%. While those numbers are .... Keep Reading

Mike Huckabee is an Idiot

I can't help myself: Mike Huckabee is an idiot. As a money-hording, card-carrying, gut-toting, God-loving Republican I just can't bring myself to like him. Why? Mike Huckabee is an idiot. Does he not realize that American is wonderful because we allow all races, religions, creeds to co-exist (us.... Keep Reading


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