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Dumb and dumber: How to avoid wasteful spending

Some would say that saving money is easy and follow one simple mantra in order to buff up their bank account and have a sense of financial security. The less you spend, the more you save. And while that sounds simple, it's effective particularly if you're someone who watches not only what they.... Keep Reading

Food Trucking: Are you overspending on food?

If you aren't able to save money on a monthly basis, you'll most likely comb through expenses in the hopes you'll see some sort of purchase that stands out more than others, perhaps even something you can cut immediately from your budget. More often than not, you can look to things such as ge.... Keep Reading

Resolving Doors: How to fix finances for new year

When it comes to resolutions for the new year, two items are at the top of everyone's list: health and money. And when it comes to money and stressing out about it, those two go hand in hand. For most, "health" is defined as that bid for the new year to finally start eating right, lose weigh.... Keep Reading

Missed Opportunities: Are you missing out on saving money?

For those individuals who believe saving money is simply an exercise in income versus expenses, you're not wrong. You just have financial tunnel vision. By that, you are focused on budgeting in the purest sense, and there's nothing wrong with that mentality whatsoever. In fact, if more individ.... Keep Reading

Tactical Mistake: Why you can’t save and it isn’t just your fault

Have you ever seen a slick television commercial or online ad and felt as though you were missing out on something really great, a product or service perhaps? How about that glossy magazine or newspaper ad (yes, they still exist), one that makes you feel like whatever is in print is a must have? E.... Keep Reading

Using Violation: Saving money starts with buying used

As much as auction sites and second hand shops have changed the way we buy, you can't argue that the word "used" carries with it quite the stigma for some consumers. They don't view it as it should be: a way to save money by still having the things you want and clamor for but at a reduce co.... Keep Reading

Cutting Bored: When in doubt, cut expense to save

Far too often, we opine and barter with ourselves when the topic turns to money, more specifically how to save. You talk about how much you want to save, the ways to do it and the discussions focuses on anything from creating a budget to trying to get a better job. The one aspect of saving money we.... Keep Reading

Hot to Trot: How to save on all things as Summer ends

Everyone knows just how important summer is since that is the time for vacations, getting away and kids out of school and desperately needing to keep them busy. All of that equates to the propensity to want to spend money in all the right places, but needing to somehow find a balance between overs.... Keep Reading

Easy Does It: Why saving money doesn’t have to be a struggle

The perception among most is that saving money is hard, when in actuality the complete opposite can be true. Sure, you'll have months when the roof blows off or your car quits on you, and finances tend to tighten a bit at that point, but if you've saved and paid attention to budgeting your mon.... Keep Reading

Buying new makes saving money much harder

You can observe your budget, look up and down at how you're spending your money and come to a conclusion the masses typically draw: you're not doing anything wrong. Let's say you have a budget, you spend money on your bills and hardly spend money, and if you do, it's something that you nee.... Keep Reading

Losing your job means money decision start to really matter

Who ever wants to lose their job? The feeling is gut wrenching, and even the words written are tough to comprehend. In short, you may just like your job. In fact, you might loathe it. But the reality of the situation is your job equals money in your pocket every other week for most of us, and you.... Keep Reading

Need a Coupon for Essentials?

A recent article on the NPR website claimed that more than 36 million people use Internet coupons for their daily purchases. When people use coupons correctly, they can save more than 50 percent off their purchases. Nowadays.... Keep Reading

Gas Slasher: How to Save Money on Commuting

The average gas price in the nation is a whopping $2.69 per gallon, according to researchers who posted the information on the Gas Buddy website. While the price is relatively low as compared to the range it was in a few years ago, it can still hit a consumer's pocket pretty hard. Traveling aroun.... Keep Reading

Saving Money on Housing Expenses

The economy has gotten so bad lately that everyone is trying to save money on housing. They are trying to stretch their funds as much as possible so that they can still have a high life quality despite all the challenges. The following are some ways that a home owner or apartment dweller can save on.... Keep Reading

How to Save Money on Dental Work

Almost every adult needs dental work at some time or another. Dental work consists of a range of services from simple cleaning to root canals, braces and the like. Without a dental insurance plan, a patient has to pay a fair penny for various dental works. A person can obtain a discount using a few .... Keep Reading

Making a Quick Buck on Winter Clothing and Clutter

Dresser drawers and closets tend to become full over the years as the seasons change. Families end up having overflowing storage areas if they do not frequently examine their inventory and search for creative ways to eliminate extra items. Winter clothing is one item that tends to be bulky and take .... Keep Reading

Home Improvement Tips to Cut Utility Bills

The wintertime is the part of the year that produces high bills. The electric bill seems to be a bill that soars the most. However, other bills such as the cable bill and the telephone bill may rise during the winter months, as well. The following are some home improvement tips and random tips that .... Keep Reading

Saving on Holiday Gifts and Supplies

The holidays tend to put a strain on the collective consumer wallet. Shoppers have to marshall as much money as possible and try to fulfill the desires of their closest friends and family members. A holiday shopper can use a number of tips and tricks to save money during the chaotic holiday seaso.... Keep Reading

Saving Money by Cutting Non-Necessities

Non-necessities are the non-essential activities that people love to do. They involve activities such as going to the theater, dining out for lunch and dinner, stopping by Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts in the morning, bowling, playing pool, performing shopping sprees and the like. A person who is.... Keep Reading

Frugal Parent-Child Activities

Positive child rearing includes taking time with your children to conduct activities that stimulate and challenge them physically and mentally. Although that feat is becoming increasingly difficult with constantly increasing price changes, you can still take part in some smart and frugal parent-chil.... Keep Reading

Three Awesome Frugal First Date Ideas

A first date is an experience that allows two people to meet in person and find out more about each other. Therefore, first time daters should focus on securing private time to speak with the each other rather than intricate and expensive ventures. Nowadays, the cost of activities such as restaurant.... Keep Reading

RESTAURANT EXPRESS: Don't avoid fine dining but rather tackle it the right way

Spending money eating out at restaurants often is the first place the financially challenged look when it comes to getting their budget back in line or putting emphasis on saving money versus spending it. That's hard to argue against since most people can easily pocket hundreds or thousands of dol.... Keep Reading

TRICKY EATER: Healthy eating doesn't always mean spending more

We all want to implement a healthier diet into our daily regimen, but that often comes with a price. The general perception of healthy food being more expensive isn't necessarily true, as long as you are looking in the right places and buying appropriately. Shopping for better quality foods and .... Keep Reading

ONE AND DONE: How to live on just one income

A friend of mine sent me a text message a few days ago and said he finally had enough. He walked out of his job, one he has had for more than a decade, citing that he just "couldn't take it anymore." He felt great, a sense of relief and couldn't believe how at peace he was with the decision. .... Keep Reading

HOUSE POOR: Saving money starts with simple repairs you can do yourself

No one is going to mistake you for Bob Villa any time soon. But that doesn't mean you can't figure out at least a few repairs on your own. You might assume that any time you have an issue within the confines of your home, no matter how insignificant it may seem, requires a phone call to a repair p.... Keep Reading

Verizon Promo Codes

Verizon has recently launched a new campaign to boost their already-beloved FIOS service to new areas. In addition to hubs in Baltimore and Boston, their DSL service is now going to be available even further west. Th.... Keep Reading

Cure for Baldness?

There are very few things in life I would pay a lot of money for; it's one of the not-so-secret side-effects of being frugal. I don't have a nice car or nice things but I do have some money in the bank. And why, friends, do I have money in the bank? So I can spend it on things that I deem worthy .... Keep Reading

Craigslist Scams

I read in the NY Post an article targeting renters where you find a ridiculously good deal posted by someone who needs to get out of town quickly because of their job. .... Keep Reading

108" TV

Thank God I have not yet bought a TV for my living room. Not with this one set to come out. It's apparently 108", from Sharp (they do a fine job of T.... Keep Reading

Happy New Year

Hello three loyal readers. I know there are three of you because I just had the site set up with the little green feed button at the bottom of the navigation section. I hope to continue writing about frugality, taxes, credit...really, all of the things you see as "sections" on the right-hand side .... Keep Reading

Frugal Site

This website is really aggravating me. A an old college buddy made this for me and a) I don't know why it's making these crazy, unworking links and b) I don't know why I thought it would work considering I paid $0 (hence why this entry is posted in Frugality). I know it might seem a little passive.... Keep Reading

Frugal Me

I got an email yesterday asking if I was a real person. Of course! To document my reality, here is a picture of my wife and me when our daughter was born. I'm glad to be able to cross off being-a-real-person off my to-do list. Anyway, yes I am real and I do write each entry by hand--no skimpin.... Keep Reading

Babies Everywhere

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I certainly did. I was reading the news this morning and came across an article from England's Daily Mail covering a woman who won't have babies because they're "selfish" and not eco-friendly. Listen honey, I've got two words for you: You're Right. N.... Keep Reading

Why America Will Never Be Green

America will never be able to go much greener than it is now and I'm about to tell you why. First though, let me say it's sad. Very sad. And pathetic. I am just as guilty as everyone else which is why I feel comfortable calling people out. Depending on the weather and circumstance I either wa.... Keep Reading

Traveling Light

What does traveling light have to do with being frugal? Not a whole let...except for the mindset. According to the USA Today, the government has gone on record as saying (essentially) you had better pack lightly...and neatly. The frugal mindset is not one of "what if no one else brings Children's.... Keep Reading

Frugal is Green

Being frugal really is being "green". I would consider both my wife and I to be frugal and green yet we both have cars. Let the record show neither of our cars are hybrids nor do we have any intention of getting a hybrid. The reason for this is that we live in Chicago and we only use the cars whe.... Keep Reading

$23 Million for Warhol

I love seeing fine art sold for high prices. I think it's great when art has value--it's the step right before putting music and art programs back in schools. The Keep Reading

Art Belongs in Museums

I was really disappointed to read in Bloomberg that Van Gogh's The Fields is about to be displaced from its current location in a museum to move into the hands of a private collector. I gues.... Keep Reading

Why Does * Make So Much Money?

I don't think professional athletes are overpaid. Blasphemy, I know--especially coming from a family of underpaid teachers. That said, I think teachers are grossly, GROSSLY, GROSSLY underpaid. Anyway, think of the top level of any organization--the best of the best make millions of dollars. Th.... Keep Reading

School Expenses

What to do when it is the start of a new school year for your kids? Well, ideally, you've saved enough money to buy them everything on their list. But, if you're like me, you're wondering why exactly they need that calculator for doing complex math problems when my cell phone can handle that type .... Keep Reading

Travel for Cheap II

So you've just scored tickets to your exotic destination. What now? This is where your late-night research pays off. Before you make the trek to the airport and try to find a flight, you want to call hostels in the area that you're going. You can try hotels or motels, but if you're tying to trav.... Keep Reading

Travel for Cheap I

I'm sure you want to go some place other than work, the store, and home. It's natural to want to pull up your ties every now and then. There are so many great places to see on this Earth, you might as well go while you still can. And there is nothing to say that you can't find an affordable vacat.... Keep Reading

Frugal Moving

There are few expenses quite as wrenching as having to move everything you own. The further the distance, the more difficult it is to do it frugally. I'm going to outline some basic steps to keep costs down although in past experience I don't really think it can truly be done frugally as you're bo.... Keep Reading

Definition of Frugal

Frugality is fundamentally a way of living that is simply more responsible. The more responsible you are, the higher the likelyhood that you are in fact frugal. Being frugal isn't about how much money you have saved in the bank or saving old toothbrushes, it's simply being aware of what you have, .... Keep Reading

Things to buy

There are certain items you should never, ever skimp on. 99% of the time the brand doesn't matter and if you're living a frugal life you'll likely buy the highest quality for as little money as you can. There are some instances where the quality:price ratio needs to go out the window. Plungers: I.... Keep Reading

Frugal Dining

A great way to get a cheap meal is to go to an expensive-at-night place for lunch. How is this frugal? Typically, you can request certain night-dishes that aren't on the lunch menu and for an equal-sized portion, get it at a reduced lunch price. The nicer the restaurant, the better your odds (at .... Keep Reading

Frugal Housekeeping Follow-Up

In my last frugal housekeeping entry I suggested replacing paper towels with rags because rags are a better money investment. Today, while half-asleep, I missed putting the half-gallon of milk on the refrigerator shelf and it fell to the ground, losing it's top and dumping about a quart of milk on .... Keep Reading

Frugal Housekeeping

A great way to save some money while cleaning the house is to skip on the paper towels. Sure, Viva puts out a fantastic product that can soak up just about everything but it also costs $1.29 a roll. With it being so thick you don't get much longevity on your $1.29 investment. Using rags and just .... Keep Reading

Save on Gas for your Car

Alright, if you listen real close, I'll tell you how to make your own gas for half the price of what the gas stations are selling it for. You take two parts of….wait, none of this is true. At least not the making your own gas part. There is always getting one of those conversion kits online t.... Keep Reading

Impulse Buying II

Alright, so I've already shared with you what they do to catch your attention for their merchandise. Now here's how you beat the system. For any item, whether it is a big or a small purchase, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE BUYING! Is it something that you need? If you really think that it is, and.... Keep Reading

Impulse Buying I

"Oh my gosh! That's so cool. I've gotta get one." Does that sound familiar? If it does, keep reading this section. If it doesn't, read anyway and see what you're doing right. Give yourself a pat on the back while you're at it. I never used to be able to resist an impulse buy, bu.... Keep Reading

Frugal Art

At first this might seem like the kind of thing that you shouldn't even consider if you're trying to save money. Who needs to fill their walls with art when they barely can keep up with their credit card debts? I agree, this isn't for everyone, but because many people do want to put stuff on their.... Keep Reading

Don't assume frugal means cheap

I once saw a list of turnoffs listed by women on the dating scene. One of the first characteristics mentioned was when the guy was cheap, like really cheap. Ever since I read that article, I've been debating in my mind if there is a way to be frugal without having everyone call you cheap. I've co.... Keep Reading

Frugal Pets

Pets, they're great since they can keep you company or keep your kids occupied and fulfilled. This entry is something everyone should consider, even if you aren't super-stretched for cash. Pets are expensive, especially cats and dogs. They are not something to be acquired with any sort of flippan.... Keep Reading

Frugal Tickets

If you thought I was talking about Lotto tickets, you just might want to consult every other category on this website to learn a few more things about dealing with your financial situation. Granted the winning numbers will be 5, 18, 24, 1... where was I? Oh yes, frugal tickets. For this topic, I me.... Keep Reading

Frugal Furniture II

The non-tech solution. I know, why even bother to list it when the internet has opened so many options to you. But hear me out, I know what I'm talking about. Garage sales are good places to find furniture. Sure, it might not always be in pristine condition, but for an extra $25 for sandpaper an.... Keep Reading

Frugal Furniture I

In every place we live, we fill up the space with furniture (and probably a lot of stuff we don't need). I'm guilty of the same habits, but I've learned the secrets to finding nice furniture to fill up my place without having to drain my bank account. The first thing you should do is consult famil.... Keep Reading

Frugal Prescriptions

It seems that the more I watch TV, the more I'm bombarded with commercials for prescription drugs. Every week there is a new one that can save me from a certain disease or alleviate the symptoms of existing conditions. While everyone seems to have a prescriptions for something, there is a huge mar.... Keep Reading

Frugal Fashion III

The final issue to cover is when you're buying new clothes. This doctor hates clothes shopping, but he realizes that it has to get done. If you hate shopping as much as I do, that should teach you how to be frugal. But in case you don't despise it like I do, here's what you need to do. Marshal.... Keep Reading

Frugal Fashion II

The next option involves the clothes that you already have sitting in your closet. Look at them--do you really wear all of them? Probably not. We all have clothes that we more frequently put on because we like their color or we think we look better in them. You probably even have some sweaters o.... Keep Reading

Frugal Fashion I

Whew, alright, let me clarify what I mean by that title. You can still be in fashionable clothes without having to break the bank. You might not be in the most stunning outfit, but you'll get by. Look into the frugal fitness sections if you're interested in making people less concerned with the c.... Keep Reading

Frugal Fitness II

Now if you have multiple fitness centers around you, you should look into trial memberships. Some places, knowing they have a lot of competition, will offer 14 free visits (maybe more, maybe less) to determine if you like their facilities. If you find multiple places that offer this type of option.... Keep Reading

Frugal Fitness I

It seems to me that nowadays, everyone is trying to either get in shape or stay in shape. I must admit that even between doctor classes, I'll try to hit the gym. Well, that is when my wallet isn't hurting too much. It seems that the more I try to work out, the more likely I am to strain my cash h.... Keep Reading

Frugal Utilities II

Alright, so maybe you don't need your cable subscription after all. You need an internet subscription though, especially if you took my frugal advice on the TV stuff. Well, if you are a recent graduate of college, you might consider contacting your alumni association to figure out if they have int.... Keep Reading

Frugal Utilities I

You want to be like everyone else with all the high-speed internet, cable, A/C and such that is out there. You might see the deals out there for things like Comcast that are all bundled together. What you might not notice is that after a year, they charge you at a higher rate and those 3 services .... Keep Reading

Frugal Entertainment

Everyone wants to have a life. Humans are social creatures and we all like to do things with our friends. The only problem is that it costs a whole lot to hang out with your buddies or your significant other. You might want to go out and see a sporting event, boy that's really going to cost you. .... Keep Reading

Frugal Insurance

Sometimes the best solutions to your strained financial situation are right in front of you. Have you seen a lot of commercials with tiny talking reptiles telling you what you should do? Well, you might never have taken the time to actually appreciate the good advice hidden in those messages. You.... Keep Reading

Food Frugality

Everyone eats on a daily basis. The problem with having to eat is that you have to buy food and either make it yourself or go out and have someone else do the cooking for you. If you go out to eat frequently, you're really going to cut into your budget. Even going out for a fast food value meal c.... Keep Reading

Frugality = Fun

Ok, fight your urge to laugh at that last statement. I will tell you right now how to make being frugal more fun. The secret to saving money is that there's no secret to it at all. Lame huh? Keeping with a budget and meeting your savings goals will ensure you have enough money to go around and t.... Keep Reading

Depreciation and Frugality

Frugal people buy things. They even buy expensive things, if you can believe it. What separates frugality from typical purchase types is the value of the newly acquired item. Frugal people will spend big money on items where the value is going to appreciate. Things investment-related. A friend .... Keep Reading

Frugal Grocery Shopping

When I was growing up all of the generic brands at our local store came in bright yellow boxes. As you wheeled around the store I was convinced every single person with name-brand cereals and snacks thought my dad was some cheapskate and frankly, it was kind of embarrassing. Grocery stores have wi.... Keep Reading

Tiny Expenses

You might think you know where your money is going but once your budget is in place you'll likely be a little surprised to see how your tiny expenses add up in the period of a month. Small cash expenditures add up to very large sums of money. My personal weakness is Starbucks and even though I kno.... Keep Reading

Frugal Budgeting

Don't be scared by the b-word. Budget. It's your friend--not your enemy. A frugal lifestyle of course involves a budget but let's break out of the stereotyped thinking for just a moment. It doesn't mean huge amounts of sacrifice, tightwadding or living in poverty. At least 50% of successful bud.... Keep Reading

What Is My Net Worth?

You might be asking "What is my net worth?". It's a great place to get started. Your net worth is simply the difference between all the things of value that you own and all the debts you owe, or in financial terms, your assets minus your liabilities. Evaluating your net worth right now will giv.... Keep Reading


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