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Dollar under the Franc

Ouch; the dollar fell under the Swiss Franc for the first time ever. Because I'm an eternal optimist when I read about news about the forex/currency stuff I always just try to tell myself .... Keep Reading

Oil and Gold Moving Up

Both oil and gold are shoo.... Keep Reading

Iraqi Oil

If you're invested in dinar then you're probably not too happy about reading today's news and hearing that Iraq's oil-sharing revenue plan is in complete and tot.... Keep Reading

Dubai-ing Everything

It seems like Dubai is buying just about everything thanks to their massive wealth coupled with an equally appalling (if you're an American) exchange rate. Their latest acquisition was the historic Metropole Hotel and 10 Whitehall Place; until today owned by The Queen herself. Although they went f.... Keep Reading

Delicious Crow

Wow, this crow I'm eating is just delicious. Why is it so delicious? Gold flew up to over $900 yesterday, almost immediately after I said it was a stupid investment because the potential for earnings was .... Keep Reading

Gold and Inflation

Gold is at its high (at least since 1980) and naturally where gold is rising, inflation concerns rise with it. Personally, I have no investments in gold and I have absolutely no desire to add it to my curr.... Keep Reading

$2:1 Unsustainable

According to today's news the current $2:1 ratio is unsustainable. Although the US dollar may be the "persona non-grata of the currency world" it's bound to come back. Why the optimism? B.... Keep Reading

Worst Recession since the 1930s?

You really think we're headed for the ? Really? Seriously? Honestly? You think we're going to move backwards so far that we could be in a time where there was no regulatory agency for national banking.... Keep Reading

Pounds on the Dollar

The Pounds Sterling is at a 26-year high of $2.10:$1USD. Wow. I, along with millions of other people, am wondering if the dollar is ever going to bounce back or if more countries are going to bail on keeping it and drop it down to something like 4:1 against the Sterling. I remember taking a trip .... Keep Reading

Sarkozy: Save The Dollar

Sarkozy's complaints that the U.S. currency's drop against the euro is undermining European competitiveness struck a discordant note in a summit intended to demonstrate an improving U.S.-French relationship. His comments came as the euro surged to a record high against the dollar. The currency tou.... Keep Reading

Lower and Lower

The dollar slid (again) to new lows yesterday against the Euro--all the way to $1.4556. I remember when the Euro was new and worth $0.80. Ah, back in the days. If only I had known at the time to take everything I had (no.... Keep Reading

Gisele Bundchen vs. US Dollar

According to Bloomberg, model Gisele Bundchen will no longer accept payments in the form of US Dollars. I wish I could make that deal. Since the dollar has lost almost 40% of its value in the p.... Keep Reading

Everything but the Dollar

It certainly seems like everything is going up--ex.... Keep Reading

Value of the Canadian Dollar

The Canadian Dollar is on the move again--this time hitting its 47-year high. I always thought the Canadian dollar was a perfect investment for non-North American currency investors because it .... Keep Reading

A New Low

The dollar has now officially hit a new low. Since this seems to be happening all the time I though I would talk to the webmaster about having it auto-fill these entries so I could just put in the current value of the doll.... Keep Reading

Overvalued Dollar

The Financial Times reported today that IMF has declared the dollar as still-valued. I know I've said like this forty times but I don't invest at all in currency. I don't get it and I'm not ashamed to .... Keep Reading

Who's Abandoning The Big, Bad Dollar?

So who is cashing out on the dollar? Looks like China and Japan. According to the article Asian investors dumped $52bn worth of US Treasury bonds alone, led by Japan ($23bn), China ($14.2.... Keep Reading

$1,000,000 Bill

From CBS, a man was busted trying to pass a $1,000,000 bill. Personally, if I were attempting to pass a bill that large I would not have done it at a grocery store. Those cashiers see cash all the t.... Keep Reading

Low Dollar = Foreign Buyers

According to the IHT, foreign investors are whetting their chops to snap up US companies. The buyouts are sparking anxiety in the United States, though their impact is complex. Foreign owners typically use acquisitions as a.... Keep Reading

Gold on the Rise

The price of gold is continuing to climb, largely as a byproduct of the weakening dollar. According to Yahoo News, "[t]he dollar hit a record low against major currencies and gold reached a 27-year high on .... Keep Reading

Iraqi Dinar as an Investment

About a year ago the hot thing in currency was Iraqi Dinar. The Iraq War, while not going well, still looked somewhat manageable and the fact the Kuwaiti dinar had experienced a spike after US meddling brought a lot of investors on board. The investment of dinar has taken a pretty substantial turn.... Keep Reading

Weakening Dollar

The US Dollar continued its slide yesterday and finally hit parity with the Canadian dollar. From Bloomberg: "In the short-term, there is little to suggest the Canadian dollar is going to f.... Keep Reading


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