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Number One: Why your credit score is so important

Do you ever find yourself, from one day to the next, overlooking one key piece of financial information? Sure, you might have your eyes squarely set on a better budgeting process, cutting some expenses and even making sure you're padding your retirement to the best of your ability. But perhaps as p.... Keep Reading

Tricks of trade: How to score big with next credit card

Credit cards, just those words, are, well, bad. No one wants to associate with credit cards or have anyone know they have one, much less a trail of them, which means you're paying and not making headway on those higher interest rates and seem as though you'll never get out of debt. But can cre.... Keep Reading

Credit Concerns: How to pull out of debt

Patience is always a virtue but that sentiment couldn't be more apparent and relevant then when you're talking about money, more specifically credit card or any sort of debt that is mounting and you feel as though you'll never get ahead or even close to being out of debt any time soon. How do.... Keep Reading

Repair Bill: Fixing your credit filled with flaws

It's the old "he said, she said" when it comes to fixing your credit. Someone tells you that this particular move makes the most sense, and will instantly (or over time) inflate your credit score, while some argue that some other action is your better bet for adjusting that score for the bet.... Keep Reading

Scoring System: How do you know if you have good credit?

When you wonder openly about your credit score and if it's truly as good as you think, you might defer to that three digit number that appears every time you inquire about money, credit or borrowing. And don't misunderstand that the score itself is a good indicator of where you are as far as ho.... Keep Reading

Improving your credit can happen instantly

How important is your credit score? Furthermore, how important is your credit score to you? The truth of the matter is your credit score is quite important and as far as how you view it, your credit is how you're judged when it comes to borrowing money or being issued a line of credit. Yes, thos.... Keep Reading

Want Good Credit? It Starts with How You Think

Think back to before you had little or debt, perhaps you had just started college and the debt only started to begin with school loans that hardly would be of any concern given the fact that the interest rate is so low. You weren't bogged down with debt, credit cards or the feeling as though you.... Keep Reading

How to Choose the Best Bank

Choosing the perfect bank account to meet financial needs can sometimes be difficult. Consumers often become confused about which features and benefits are the best for them. The following provides a brief guideline for people who are not yet sure which bank they should select for daily usage: Cons.... Keep Reading

Three Loans That Can Save You Money

A multitude of loans is available for consumers of all credit classes, but not all of them will allow you to save money. The following are three types of loans that can save you money while you enjoy the benefit of bettering your life: The Debt Consolidation Loan A debt consolidation can be a life.... Keep Reading

CARD SHARK: Why your credit cards can help your credit score

When it comes to helping your credit score, credit cards get a bad rap. No one is going to argue with a few key negative points when it comes to credit cards. You shouldn't overuse them to the point where the balance matches your credit limit (or at least is close to the same number). You defi.... Keep Reading

DANGEROUS CURVE: How to spot financial trouble down the road

The old cliché "knowing is half the battle" seems antiquated and outdated, something you'd hear on a G.I. Joe Saturday morning cartoon or a tremendously campy public service announcement of sorts. But within that overused saying is an abundance of truth, especially when considering your budge.... Keep Reading

CREDIT FRAUD: Your credit card might be keeping information from you

Do you ever read the fine print on the back of your credit card application or page 2 of your bill? Chances are, you don't. And, you're not alone. That small typeface font might be fooling you to the point that the relationship between you and your credit card couldn't be better. You pay your bil.... Keep Reading

TRUTH SYRUM: Consolidating debt doesn't solve overall problem

Debt consolidation often is viewed by those struggling to make monthly payments and ultimately dig themselves out of their financial hole as the means to an end, a way to trim interest rates and pay off balances faster than the snail's pace they're following. So is debt consolidation actually a s.... Keep Reading

CRUSHING DEBT: Pay off those credit cards in quick fashion

What is the best kind of credit card debt? The answer is simple: the kind that doesn't exist. But realistically, you most likely have anywhere from a little to a heaping helping of credit card debt that you simply want to get rid of at any cost. How you amassed the credit card debt is quite irrele.... Keep Reading

USA about to lose credit rating?

The US might lose its AAA credit rating. You might not think that a country--especially the largest, most powerful on on earth, needs a credit rating but the fact of the matter is that we.... Keep Reading

Mastercard Details

According to Keep Reading

Snooty Bankers

Apparently the root cause of the mortgage crisis is snooty bankers according to Germany's finance minister. In case you thought I was talking about the US economy at first, Germany is facing a similar c.... Keep Reading

How much is the national debt?

I wasn't sure which section to post this in because I don't have a "Debt" category (yet anyway) so I guess I'll put this under credit since the national debt is essentially run off credit. As of today, November 9th, 2007, the US national debt is about $9 trillion dollars ($9,000,000,000,000). To g.... Keep Reading

31% APR

Are you kidding? No, that is what one of my co-workers is paying on his credit card. Yes, his credit is really bad but still. Does Mastercard really think someone with bad credit is going to be able to pay back $3k of debt while racking up interest rates over 30%? I can field that one for them--.... Keep Reading

Credit Discrimination

This is straight from CNN. I tried comment on it but I found I was rewriting it anyway so I figured I would just copy and paste the whole thing so you could read it. You are protected The Equal Credit Opportunity Act is in pl.... Keep Reading

Credit Story

When I was in college I worked for a computer company and my job did not have all the glamor that it does today (hah!). I processed refunds over the phone for people that were billed for subscriptions to one of our websites. What I always found particularly disheartening was that people always see.... Keep Reading

Citi Sends Out Unsolicited Macy's Cards

The unscrupulousness of credit card companies hit a new low when Citi sent out brand new, unsolicited credit cards to Macy's account holders who have been inactive for the past two years. Talk about a terrible idea. There was a time in my life where I would immediately shred mail that I wasn't exp.... Keep Reading

Bad Debt vs. Good Debt

A debt is debt, right? Nope. Ignore for a minute interest rates and focus simply on the quality of the debt and what it is exactly that you are buying. A good debt might buy you a night class at a community college--a bad debt might be racked up on credit cards for casual expenses that provide .... Keep Reading

Debt Collectors

Debt collectors are third parties hired by a lender to attempt to collect amounts you owe when you're late with your payments; they can be lawyers or companies in the business of collecting unpaid accounts. If your account gets turned over to a debt collector, you can save yourself a lot of grief i.... Keep Reading

Unforgivable Debts

A bankruptcy stays on your credit history for 10 years. During that period you may be denied credit. Some debts may not be dischargeable in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy if a credit challenges them. These include: · Debts you incurred by fraud · Credit purchases over a certain amount in th.... Keep Reading

When is an online transaction secure?

If you've ever bought something online, and it looks like most Americans have, at some point you've probably wondered about the security of the transaction. The good news is that most web browsers indicate which transactions are secure and which ones are not. Regardless of the browser you use, the.... Keep Reading

Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personal information (such as your name, social security number, or credit card number) without your knowledge, to commit fraud or theft. Thieves may apply for a credit card in your name, using your date of birth and social security number, and charge l.... Keep Reading

I lost my credit card

If your card is lost or stolen, report it immediately to the bank or other issuer in order to limit your personal liability if the card is used fraudulently. Keep a list of your credit cards and telephone numbers in a safe place so you can access the phone number as quickly as possible. Under fede.... Keep Reading

Avoiding Credit Repair Scams

Some complains claim they can "fix" your bad credit history for a large sum. This can sound very appealing if you're desperately in debt and are being bothered by bill collectors. You should know, however, that it's legally (I stress legally) impossible to alter an accurate credit history. If you.... Keep Reading

Credit Counseling Service

Nonprofit consumer credit-counseling agencies may consolidate your debts into a single, manageable monthly bill. You pay the agency each month and they distribute the money to your creditors. This type of arrangement is not a consolidation loan, but it has its benefits because creditors will often.... Keep Reading

Debix vs. Lifelock

There are two leading companies offering personal identity theft protection: Lifelock and Debix. Lifelock has been established longer, has larger-profile clients and offers up to $1 million in guarantees of protection. Debix is relatively new but has already claimed some larger clients, including t.... Keep Reading


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