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Massive Oversight: Why huge money problems are consistently missed

You'd be hard pressed to find an individual who has it all figured out as far as money goes. What you typically get is an person, couple or family that tries very hard and succeeds or fails based on the finest of details but also overlooking the obvious as they tend to their money and working di.... Keep Reading

Debt Plea: Staying out of debt isn’t as hard as you think

As much as we opine about money, we agonize over saving it and wonder aloud why we don't have more of it, all of our financial goals and dreams are at our fingertips if we actually come to one very important money saving realization. It really isn't that hard to stay out of debt. Now, I realize.... Keep Reading

Why a tight budget actually translates into saving more

When was the last time you heard someone refer to their budget as "tight?" While that word often creates negative connotative meanings when you talk about money in the form of spending it and saving it, those who live within their means but aren't doing anything crazy in that regard love the .... Keep Reading

Why advertising is killing your ability to save money

How many times have you been privy to a sleek, slick commercial, stellar online ad or a pop up that keeps popping up in your head? The result of that sort of advertising can lead to having the product you want, but also a sizable expense, credit card bill or however you want to convey the idea that.... Keep Reading

How to Save Money on Summer Fun

Children and adults can never wait for the summer because they all love to have fun during that time. Examples of fun that people like to have during the summer are going to the movies, dining out, playing sports and visiting various sites, attractions and landmarks. Summertime fun can be expensive .... Keep Reading

Tips on How to Stay Within the Monthly Grocery Budget

Modern consumers try to stick to a strict budget as much as possible. They cut every bill they can think of, but the food budget must remain the same. A family must always strive to avoid malnourishment while staying within the confines of the set budget. The following are some tips that one can use.... Keep Reading

Saving for College

Continuing one's education is an extremely positive and beneficial effort. However, it can be a financially stressful situation. A new student will have to support himself or herself while that person is attending classes. He or she will also have to manage his or her time in a way that allows for.... Keep Reading

COLLEGE BOUND: How much should parent be paying for kids' college expenses?

College is expensive, and not all moms and dads are created equal when it comes to income or how much money they have on hand. That point is glaring and ultimately may answer the question as to just how much financial responsibility parents should have when it comes to college. Books, tuition, roo.... Keep Reading

SMALL POTATOES: New business doesn't have to equal large financial headache

The joy, jubilation and excitement over devising a business plan and watching it turn from simple rhetoric to actual money maker is indescribable. It's also very difficult to do quickly. But often a mistake made by these would be entrepreneurs is attempting to turn their idea into a million dolla.... Keep Reading

TREASURE HUNT: One man's trash could be your route to financial freedom

Whether you have a job that isn't paying you nearly enough to live comfortable or you're one of the million Americans who simply can't land a job no matter how hard you try, you might want to consider a career in the trash business. That isn't meant to suggest you try your luck as a sanitation wor.... Keep Reading

WASTE LAND: Spending money unnecessarily is root of all budgeting woes

Who doesn't love a lavish spending spree, or the feeling of buying something really expensive that is more sumptuousness than necessity? Those types of purchases probably should be reserved for those who have the expendable income to do so or if you're in the midst of a financial windfall that all.... Keep Reading

SHORT SIGHTED: Overlooked items often spell budgeting trouble

Anyone who has pieced together a budget always has the best intentions, but those who would consider themselves novices when it comes to financial planning easily can overlook the not so obvious. You make it a point to tally the bigger ticket items: cars, homes, utilities, credit cards and anythin.... Keep Reading

WEDDING BLITZ: Planning the big day could have bigger budget consequences

Planning your wedding is equal parts balance and budgeting. On one hand, you want this day to be special, unforgettable and something you'll be talking about for years to come. Finding the perfect centerpieces, piecing together the guest list, deciding on a location and immersing yourself in flower.... Keep Reading

MOVIE FLUFFS: Your love of the cinema might be sinking your budget

Who doesn't love to take in a movie on a Friday or Saturday night? Whether you're watching the latest Hollywood remake or action thriller alone or cuddling up next to someone special for a romantic comedy, the movie is an entertainment staple, something that is easy to do and quite enjoyable as lon.... Keep Reading

SIMPLE SAVINGS: Money managing made easy sounds better than day to day struggles

Regardless of whether it is on your list of things to change in the New Year or if you've thinking about ways to save, spend smartly or get your financial misgivings in order, money makes the world go round and your head spin constantly. When it comes to saving money or allotting cash in the right .... Keep Reading

Driving Force: Ditching your car could save you plenty

If you're ready to get serious about saving money, you need to start looking in the places that matter most and focus on those big ticket items thought to be previously off limits. Sure, you can stop spending money at restaurants and start cooking at home. You can cancel that expensive cable and s.... Keep Reading

BILL of Good: Who knew you could stretch your dollar this far?

If saving money is something you're strongly considering for the new year, perhaps you should make the process a little simpler and embrace a mantra that makes it easy to put aside a little extra cash. Where there's a bill, there's a way. This message isn't meant to confuse but rather create a gam.... Keep Reading

COMPUTER SLACKER: Technology beckons your attention as far as how to budget money

Your wallet has message tailored for you and your budget: get some help. If you're struggling with your budget and can't seem to figure out why you continually have a negative balance or your financial institution is doing plenty of finger pointing your way, you may want to consider implementing a .... Keep Reading

Happy Thanksgiving

Because it's Thanksgiving I won't bore you with a long, drawn-out entry on how to do Thanksgiving on a budget. As has been said many, many times here, living a frugal life is not about being a shut-in and hording money in your couch. Today is a day for family and friends, so break out your wallets.... Keep Reading

Want and Need

We have a difficult time in this society distinguishing between want and need. We can thank the constant bombardment of marketing messages for some of that trouble; the rest we have to accept responsibility for ourselves. Part of what a budget and spending plan will do is help focus where your mon.... Keep Reading

Emergency Fund Details

How long should your emergency fund cover you? Probably three or four months. You'll have to decide what number is right for you. Depending on the area, it can take three or four months to find a new job if you lose yours and you don't want to be without income AND unable to find ANY job. That's.... Keep Reading

Uses of the Emergency Fund

Your emergency fund covers a certain number of months' worth of essential expenses for you and your family. What are those essential expenses? Think of them as what you need to pay to keep a roof over your head, food on the table, your children in school, your insurance up-to-date, and your car ru.... Keep Reading

Types of Financial Planners

There are two types of financial planners and today's entry is going to discuss them. Commission Planner: The commission planner, who may also charge a fee for plan development, earns his money through commissions on products he recommends in the plan. Some would an immediate conflict of interes.... Keep Reading

Do I need a financial planner?

Do you really need a financial planner? There is no hard and fast rule to determine when you need professional help. The level of financial advice available today ranges from very superficial to very detailed. This site, while not superficial, can only help so much on an individual basis since ev.... Keep Reading

Complicated Financial Goals

Sometimes setting goals for finances is tough--not as easy as setting aside $1000 for a new TV. Today we're going to look at the difficulties of something more complicated--buying a house. Before we get started you need: price-range you think you can afford, good credit, a down payment, closing co.... Keep Reading

Breaking down your financial plan

You can break any financial plan into four parts: · The goal--what you want. · How close are you now?--what is your current situation? · Resources--how much can you put towards your goal both now and in the future. · Time--how long is it going to take to achieve this goal.... Keep Reading

Bill-Paying Services

If you use a bill-paying service, all your bills are sent directly to the bill-paying company, which makes payments for you and sends you a monthly transaction report. They also charge you a fee, typically around 10% of the total you owe. Bill-paying service don't actually lend you money, so you s.... Keep Reading

What Records Should I Keep?

What types of records should you keep? Hang onto any documents that identify your sources of income (W2's, 1099 MISC's, etc) as well as anything that helps determine that value of assets and prove your tax deductions. Checks alone may not prove the deductibility of an expense. The best proof is a.... Keep Reading

Is Lifelock a scam?

With all of the news recently about ID theft and other general security breaches, you might be considering getting something that could effectively be called ID theft insurance. There are two leading companies, Lifelock and Debix, that cover personal insurance but we're only going to look at Lifelo.... Keep Reading

Emergency Fund

If you elect to neglect all of the other advice on this site, that's fine but please, for your own sake, listen to this one: Have an emergency fund. Once you have a budget outlined you will have a good feel for how much money is needed in an emergency fund. A well-developed emergency fund should be.... Keep Reading

The Makings of a Good Budget

Solid budgets are both realistic and flexible. Think of it like a map: a good map will show you multiple routes to your destination. Your budget works the same way--it should be dynamic and change to fit your needs. If you have four children your budget will be very different than if you have non.... Keep Reading

Benefits of Budgeting

Put simply, budgeting tracks your expenses and shows you where your money goes. Seemingly small and inconsequential daily or weekly expenditures can add up over time. By tracking all of these expenditures, you can make conscious decisions on how to spend or invest your time and money instead of le.... Keep Reading

Why Bother Budgeting?

A budget is nothing more than a plan for your use of money. Think of the money you'll save if you just spend more wisely. If you're planning on achieving your financial goals without a plan you might be in for some bad news down the road. Developing this spending plan is the first and most basic .... Keep Reading


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