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Posted By: Dr. Frugal in Taxes on 11/21/2007 at 06:14:29

Since it's almost time to receive your W2s, you should already be prepared to file taxes. Much like they have done every year for at least the past three, Turbo Tax (Intuit) is offering free Turbo Tax 2008 for people who are filing federally. The free 2008 version of TurboTax is only for people who are filing federal taxes as the free edition does not cover individual states.

If you're interested in receiving the free TurboTax 2008 simply click here to redeem your free copy before you checkout.

I personally have used the free version of TurboTax for years now and I highly recommend it anyone. For more details, I wrote an a review of Turbo Tax a few months ago although I didn't mention that you could get the free Turbo Tax 2008 software but you can now (see link above).


Posted by Ryan at February 7, 2008, 6:13 pm:

Last year I files a return that was prepared on turbotax online fee preparaion then was able to open turbotax freedom (free) and import all my info over to the free version and e-file for free. Does anyone know if this is still available? If you try it now, it says all your inputted info will be lost and you'll have to start over. Last year it said that but you didn't lose the info. Is this still true?

Posted by tj at December 1, 2007, 2:51 am:
I switched to online versus desktop software a few years back and like it. However 2 years ago I switched from TurboTax to Taxcut. I found taxcut to have the same user friendliness as Turbotax but at a much lower price. I'm trying to remember, but I believe taxcut offered free efiling for both fed and state. We will see if they do it again this year.

Posted by Dr. Frugal at December 3, 2007, 10:53 pm:
I've always been reluctant to try TaxCut because of its ubiquity in stores that I don't think should be selling tax software--maybe it's just the display areas though. For example I was in (no really) Bed Bath and Beyond doing some Christmas shopping and there was Tax Cut. I don't doubt that it's a good product but for my buck you can't be free turbotax.

Posted by brent at January 4, 2008, 2:27 pm:
I saw a price listed with each "Try it for Free" button on the Turbotax page for which you provided the link. Does this mean Turbotax will bill me when I finish online return and therefore not allow me to file until it is purchased? I'm doubting that its truly free.

Posted by brent at January 4, 2008, 4:07 pm:
I asked Turbotax and you ARE charged when filing or printing out, so it is not truly free, just a marketing pitch. Here is their answer: I understand that you want to know whether you will be billed after using the "try for free" product. As per your request, you will not be charged for trying it. Only while taking printout and e-filing it will be charged. Respectfully, Geetha. Intuit Tax Products Customer Service & Support "Revolutionizing how people manage their financial lives"

Posted by Dr. Frugal at January 7, 2008, 12:45 pm:
Hi Brent, Thanks for going to such lengths to get to the full extent of the situation. I will reword the text to be more in line with what you've found out.

Posted by steve at January 16, 2008, 4:30 pm: advertises free online forms and filing of 2007 1040EZ, but in fact, my experience with that option lead me only to the basic filing, which costs you $14.95. So, in effect, it is bait and switch. It is, in my opinion, very deceptive and needs ot be investigated by FTC.

Posted by Sara at January 21, 2008, 10:53 pm:
I for one got the free Turbotax for the 1040EZ. My husband ended up actually buying more because he has home-business stuff but it was free for me.

Posted by Dr. Frugal at February 1, 2008, 4:46 pm:
That's really helpful Jim---thank you. It always looked like from the commercials that if you're filing a simple return (1040/1040EZ) that it was totally free. Do you know if they automatically charge you if you happen to fill in a box that would require an additional form?

Posted by Billy at February 10, 2008, 8:29 am:
What I have done for years is to buy the turbotax basic, usually for around $19.99, and I start it up in one window, along with the online version of turbotax premier, which won't allow you to file until you pay, but I use the premier edition to tell me where to look for all the deductions, and then I add them in on my basic version, and when I am done, I close the premier edition and file with the basic. It has wooked well for me.

Posted by Tim at March 1, 2008, 7:06 am:
I get the TurboTax Deluxe for free by going through my State Farm account. Check with your insurance agent, bank, travel club, etc. to see if they offer discounts on tax preparation. If you have State Farm, all you have to do is log on to the State Farm site and click through to the Turbo Tax site. After that, you can access the Turbo Tax site directly and you will not be charged (as long as you don't get any of their add-ons.)

Posted by Carol at March 4, 2008, 4:57 pm:
Is there a free filing service that will allow you to import your info from turbo tax that was purchased at the store?

Posted by Dr. Frugal at March 18, 2008, 11:23 am:
I think there is but unfortunately it's in the Deluxe Version of TurboTax and not in the basic one.

Posted by RpB at April 8, 2008, 4:39 pm:
For free e-filing go here:,,id=118986,00.html

Posted by ACK at April 14, 2008, 9:30 am:
I just filed for free online with TurboTax. It clearly indicated to me that I would not be charged for the filing. I did a 1040A form.

Posted by ACK at April 14, 2008, 9:37 am:
Should have pointed out that I'm from Texas where we only file federal - that was free. I'm pretty sure they would charge for state/local.

Posted by Frazzed at April 14, 2008, 8:53 pm:
WARNING! Just got here from Turbo Tax I'm retired and never file - so only needed to file federal for the gov/rebate When finished with federal it said "now we will file state tax" I said SKIP - and it still showed the data- I kept continuing and it said all done! Then I get a 30.00 charge for state tax........ What's the deal with these shlameels??? I'm so mad I could spit! I went back and hit "delete" on state tax- then continued-- but it seemed that my federal input was gone- So cancelled out and tried to sign in again- It saved my password and it is entered into the ID box! Now what do I do?? What a joke! Free? It's more like bait and switch!!

Posted by Frazzed at April 14, 2008, 10:12 pm:
More information re/my previous post- I logged back in again [didn't click e-file after seeing the 30.00 for state charge] It warns you to SKIP state tax - however there is NO prompt to skip it- only continue... This time-at the state tax page, instead of hitting continue- I clicked "preview federal filing" There was my fed/file- so I clicked PRINT. I did get a signout page etc. and eventually it printed out [many pages just for a 1040A!] I filled in their survey and said "you guys have to fix this! There is NO way to SKIP state filing...This is very deceptive and I am NOT pleased. What should have taken a few minutes took over an hour to try to figure how to NOT pay 30.00 for state tax. I am a Sr. citizen and getting more Sr. on this supposedly "free" site Bearing in mind that the gov listed them as a "free site" we should NOT be paying for the EZ forms. You bet they will get a call from me also. Next year - Let's hope there is a better service. Hope some of you will call them too - or list them on

Posted by at November 11, 2008, 12:18 am:

Posted by tom at November 12, 2008, 9:54 am:
there is NO free turbo as shown for the link

Posted by Critters at November 20, 2008, 7:50 pm:
Lets get real people. This is a free trial. If you like it you buy it, if you don't you havn't lost anything. It's a test drive. Intuit is company in business to make a profit, it's not charity. How many of you would go out and work for free?

Posted by EDWARD BAUCHOU SR at November 25, 2008, 11:04 am:

Posted by Roger at January 5, 2009, 10:05 pm:
I received a "risk-free TurboTax CD" in the mail. When I called to find out the cost, I got someone from India. Again, here goes our jobs in the USA to some foreign country. I for one am thinking about switching to Tax-Cut. But who knows if they have done the same thing.

Posted by Samantha at January 11, 2009, 3:49 pm:
I believe State Farm is still offering FREE standard and deluxe Turbo Tax editions (Federal and State) for 2008, but you MUST be one their banking customers to do so.

Posted by AEON at January 14, 2009, 9:54 am:
Do a search for tax freedom project (turbotax website says it should be ready by the middle of January) and if you meet the requirements you will be able to prepare, file and print for free.

Posted by aeon at January 14, 2009, 9:58 am:
Do not accept any offers to upgrade, while you are going through the preparation process, then it will cost you.

Posted by neegdag.. at January 16, 2009, 3:02 pm:
yeah i was charged like 40.00 for this crap. dont file again. this is bull shit.

Posted by Ole at January 22, 2009, 5:31 pm:
I believe the only way to get the free version of turbo tax is to goto the federal IRS website and begin there, it is called the freedom edition. I only had to pay $9.99 for the state because my state opted out of their free filing agreement with all the free sites.

Posted by ROSETTA CODE at January 23, 2009, 7:57 am:

Posted by Jack at January 26, 2009, 12:25 pm:
From The IRS web site "Free File - Free File allows taxpayers with a 2008 adjusted gross income of $56,000 or less to both prepare and e-file their federal tax returns for free." 56,000 or less for free federal efile.,,id=118986,00.html If you make more pay the company for their product and services, you cheap asses.

Posted by Stevo at January 26, 2009, 6:22 pm:
Go fuck yourself Jack. You don't know "jack" about people's situations so don't judge people during these hard times for trying to save some cash. If they say it's free, then it should be. Otherwise, it's false advertisement and that poor company you are so worried about is misleading people on purpose.

Posted by Lee at January 31, 2009, 3:02 pm:
I filed via Turbo-tax and it was not free as advertised. There was not even a free option, the choices started with the basic which is not free. I feel duped.

Posted by joe g at February 3, 2009, 3:57 pm:
the box says "Now free 5 federal e-files" and I get to the end and I am charged 19.95? The cost of the software went up $19 for the 2008 edition. it sure seems like bait and switch.

Posted by lvgee at February 4, 2009, 9:00 pm:
I used TurboTax for first time last year, including the state version. This year, do I need to pay for the full TT cost, or is there a lesser cost for "renewal?"

Posted by Fed up at February 8, 2009, 9:28 am:
My friend says she filed her and her friend's returns absolutely free from I was charged $14.95 plus a $40 direct deposit fee!!!! I was pissed and felt duped but said screw it. I'm desperate to get my money to pay my rent which is already late!! I do agree there's a bait and switch going on here.

Posted by thereom4 at February 8, 2009, 2:11 pm:
The federal free online edition of TurboTax is so not free. And it's funny I already did my taxes for this year I just wanted to e-file because it's quicker. $55 deducted from my refund. Oh well, I'll drop it in the mail next year.

Posted by Jenn at February 9, 2009, 11:38 am:
Wikipedia looks like it has an answer as to why some people are charged and some aren't. Given, it is wikipedia, so, take it for what it is worth, but it appears that whether or not you are charged depends on your income, look at the last sentence: "In 2003, Intuit faced vocal criticism for its TurboTax activation scheme.[1] The company responded by removing the product activation scheme from its product. In 2005 TurboTax extended its offering by allowing any taxpayer to use a basic version of its Federal product for free as part of the Free File Alliance. By 2006 that offer has been limited to Free federal online tax preparation and e-file for taxpayers whose adjusted gross income is $28,500 or less (or $52,000 for those in the military), and those 50 or under."

Posted by Mari at February 9, 2009, 9:22 pm:
My brother just did his tax return (fed and state) and the 'Free Edition' cost a total of $55.90. He was charged $29.95 for the refund processing fee and $25.95 for electronic filing and/or service fee for web users. He chose if he wanted to e-file or mail it in and you had the option of e-filing fed and mailing state and vice versa. It was deducted from his refund. His return was very simple, with only 2 W-2's from working 2 jobs. It was very easy and had no trouble at all. I usually pay $300 at H&R Block to have my taxes done but I will definitely be using Turbo Tax this year!

Posted by Al at February 10, 2009, 11:10 am:
I just finished filing both my 2008 Federal and State taxes with the TurboTax Freedom edition using e-file and it cost $0.00. To use this you must enter from the or websites and meet the criteria listed.

Posted by Chris at February 12, 2009, 8:26 am:
I used Turbo Tax Free edition online through my bank and it was free....absolutely no charge.

Posted by Oldtimer at February 14, 2009, 6:32 pm:
Turbotax is only free the first time you use it. The following year, only federal will be free and you will have to pay for state filing.

Posted by marianne erdos at February 16, 2009, 5:16 pm:
I prepare free tax - as a volunteer - for low income people (NYC). The tax return is efiled. The income level is $20,00 for single and $45,000 for family. To find a location call 311 (in NYC). There are places everywhere. VITA - Volunteer Income Tax Assistance. VITA preparers are IRS certified annually.

Posted by at February 27, 2009, 9:30 am:

Posted by TxClutter at March 2, 2009, 12:35 am:
After reading all this I'm not sure if anyone is aware of the Intuit Tax Freedom filing thru turbo tax. ABSOLUTELY FREE if you meet the criteria....under $30k income qualify for EIC or military. Here's the link

Posted by Done with Taxes at March 16, 2009, 11:46 am:
TxClutter, thank you for that post. I met the criteria and everything was free, even the E-File. Looks like you cleared up alot of confusion!

Posted by Alan at March 16, 2009, 2:32 pm:
I bought Turbo Tax Deluxe Edition for $54.88 from Wal-Mart. I've been using Turbo Tax for the last 5-6 years. It has helped me quite a bit. I used to be a Truck Driver (I quit last year) and it has helped me find deductions for all of my traveling expenses. I also used Turbo Tax this year to help my father do his income taxes. He is retired and my mother passed away almost 2 years ago. This year's Turbo Tax (tax year 2008) includes 5 free federal e-filings. You can download 1 free state (NY for me). I paid $19.95 for my NY state return because I was in a hurry for my rebate. I don't really think it saved me much time. I filed my NY state return over 2 weeks ago and haven't seen any money deposited into my checking account, yet. The federal return took 7-10 days. It actually took 7 days after the IRS accepted the return (electronically). They send you an e-mail when your return is accepted. My big concern was the FREE upgrade to the Premier edition. I had some questions when doing my father's federal return (concerning rental income). After racking my brain, I decided to accept Turbo Taxes offer to upgrade to the Premier edition for $0.00. I thought that it was awfully strange, but I decided to take them on their offer. I was actually able to upgrade to Premier for FREE... but it took about 30 minutes after talking to 3 different reps from Turbo Tax. The first rep was a girl from India (sales rep) with a thick accent. I had a hard time understanding her. She said that my issue was technical and transferred me to another girl that spoke perfect English (technical dept). The second girl transferred me back to the sales department and another guy from India finally helped me. He told me that he was in India and that it was after 1:00 a.m. over there. I live near Rochester, N.Y. and it was around 3:30 p.m. EST. He was able to provide the CONFIRMATION CODE that is necessary to upgrade to the Premier edition. Is the Premier edition any better? I don't know. I am still working on my father's federal return and have more questions, but it seems better and easier. The Premier edition explains the topics a little better... it gives you more information.

Posted by Carolyn Gudger at March 30, 2009, 1:36 pm:
I filed my 2008 federal income tax on February 2nd, 2009 and have not seen it direct deposit yet, how can I trace it to see if there was a problem?

Posted by at April 2, 2009, 1:40 pm:

Posted by Janelle Kelley at April 10, 2009, 9:21 pm:
Use TaxAct - it's totally FREE! Efile and all.

Posted by Kimberly at April 11, 2009, 3:23 pm:
I just posted a message at the link below about discrepancies I noticed between TurboTax Basic Free Edition and the Freedom Edition. They calculate the Federal amt owed differently. My taxes are very easy this year and I redid it several times in both editions to double check that I didn't enter data wrong and there were still discrepancies. I also calcualted by hand to check too. Freedom Edition says I owe more than Basic Free does. They both calculate the state taxes the same though. (FYI: the post might take a while a post since I just put it up) So, those using the Freedom Edition be cautious.

Posted by Elsa at April 13, 2009, 4:22 pm:
Yes the Freedom edition is indeed free. As long as you fall into one of the "free" states, your state will also be free. However, if you go thru the regular TurboTax site and use the "free" version they list there, you'll be charged in the end because it switches you to basic. I found this out after filing out my taxes thru the Turbotax site first, then I had to re-enter everything in the Freedom version. FYI, all my amounts came up identical, it's the same software.

Posted by robert at April 14, 2009, 3:02 pm:
Thanks for the link!

Posted by Richard at June 11, 2009, 7:06 am:
Your link led me to the Turbo Tax site, could not find anything on "FREE" download. Thanks for wasting my time.

Posted by michael cushman at October 21, 2009, 6:12 pm:
Please tell me how to get back to the 2008 turbo tax site. Thanks Michael 512.470-2566

Posted by at November 11, 2009, 4:52 pm:

Posted by at November 11, 2009, 8:07 pm:
how do iget my last years tax retuns 2008, that i did on line

Posted by C Alford at November 20, 2009, 9:48 am:
I file a tax return last year on turbo tax We need a copy of the return

Posted by Harold T. Grove at November 27, 2009, 11:27 am:
I filed a tax return for 2008 using your free return on 4/11/2009 and I need a copy of that return

Posted by Mike Crews at January 13, 2010, 9:12 am:
Now its 1/13/10-is there any advise on what to do concerning turbotax free?

Posted by Libra at February 22, 2010, 5:46 pm:

Posted by Linda kirby at February 24, 2010, 8:51 am:
Can I get copy of turbo tax 2008 I have a friend who need 2008 edition, because he needs to file for that year? Or is that all gone now ? I see here that some people say they wer e charged to use the free edition, but i used it for free. They must have been using the deluxe edition..

Posted by BRYAN at March 22, 2010, 8:55 am:

Posted by Junior at March 26, 2010, 1:52 pm:
Just finished using the "free" edition of Turbotax and before I could file or print, they requested payment of $66.00!!!!! It ain't free by any means.

Posted by debbie at March 27, 2010, 12:03 pm:
I have been using Turbo Tax for my small business and my personal returns. I tried to get a free copy to download for 2008 Individual Tax. Can you send the link to download it. Thanks

Posted by Frederick at April 6, 2010, 7:16 am:
Need copy of my 2008 tax returne filed on Turbo Tax on line so I can up date for 2009 that I have your software loaded. Forgot my user id and Password. Please reply.

Posted by brenda kidd at December 13, 2010, 8:06 am:
I need copy of 2008 tax return no longer have computer. law firm requesting it..

Posted by Max at February 15, 2011, 9:35 pm:
If you noticed that you were forced into Basic edition ($19.99) and you have already started return, you need to create a new profile and you will be able to use the free edition.

Posted by at February 23, 2011, 8:51 am:
can't seem to get my 2008 tax return from you the irs said i didn't claim 2 of my w2's i say there wrong. please help me

Posted by annetteqvd at February 28, 2011, 12:10 pm:
i used the free edition of turbo tax and at the end it charged me 19.99 & 29.95. I tried starting over and the charge kept appearing, can i get a refund anywhere for this. I will never turbo tax again if not

Posted by anonymous at April 11, 2011, 12:58 pm:
Getting Free Fed (and some states) with TurboTax: When you go to the site, at the top is posted "TurboTax Freedom Edition:..." if you click "I qualify, start now" that gets you the free version for fed and state (included states-free, non-included states-$14.99, I think). On the same site, below the less obvious freedom edition, in BIG, bold, go here, click on me font, is the "free federal version" (again, if you qualify) that will calculate the state tax too, but for ~$30, regardless if your state is listed as one of the free ones. This version will also offer you about half a dozen places to upgrade and pay more for more features so pay close attention. The link text is the same for both (I qualify! Start now), but its easy to be misdirected to the partially free one. It is advisable to create an account right away, I selected "try it out first" and ended up having to re-enter about 4 pages because their server was so busy. If the server is busy and you are logged in, then only the last page gets lost, and the pages are pretty short. Incidentally, I used H&R last year, paid ~$15 for the state tax filing, and don't remember having an onslaught of server issues, but I'll cut Turbo tax *a little* slack for that since it is right at tax time, and it always let me right back to where I had been working without much delay. I only tried out Turbo Tax this year for the free state income tax filing. Hindsight is 20/20, if my state hadn't been on the Turbo Tax free list (or had been on the H&R free state list) I wouldn't have used it at all.

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