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Three Loans That Can Save You Money

A multitude of loans is available for consumers of all credit classes, but not all of them will allow you to save money. The following are three types of loans that can save you money while you enjoy the benefit of bettering your life:

The Debt Consolidation Loan

A debt consolidation can be a lifesaver if you are experiencing debt difficulties, and you need help organizing your finances. A debt consolidation loan is a large loan that will provide you with enough money to merge your existing credit accounts. The way that a consolidation loan will help you to save money is by reducing your interest rate to a reasonable number. Instead of having scattered credit accounts with high interest rates, you will only have one loan with a low interest rate.

A consolidation loan can save you from paying late fees, as well. With only one account to pay each month, you will never forget to make a payment. Various companies offer debt consolidation loans to consumers. If your credit is still in good shape, and you have a stable source of income, then you may qualify for such a loan.

The Home Refinance Loan

If you currently have a mortgage, then chances are high that you have a hefty interest rate. You may feel that someone rushed you into a deal with a high rate, and you may be wondering how you can save money. Applying for a refinance loan can help you to save money. Refinance companies can get your interest rate down to 2.75 percent. The lower your interest rate is, the more money that you spend toward your mortgage principal. Additionally, you could use the savings to make repairs on the home, or you can deposit them into your savings account.

The Federal Student Loan

Another type of loan that can save you money is the federal student loan. The government offers some debtor-friendly loans to people who want to further their educations. The interest rates for such federal loans have an average of approximately 6 percent. Private organizations and corporate banking institutions have much higher interest rates than federal student loans have. Furthermore, you can defer your federal loan payments while you are in school. You can also arrange to repay your loans based on your income.

You can still save money even when you are borrowing money. You just have to keep an eye out for friendly advice and debtor-friendly institutions.

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How to Get Deals on Electronic Cigarettes Online

By now, the majority of smokers has heard about the way electronic cigarettes are sweeping the nation. You may be curious about vaping, and you might want to shop for your first e-cigarette online. Hundreds of online vendors sell electronic cigarettes. Therefore, knowing where to shop can be confusing. The following is a brief guideline on finding a reliable electronic cigarette provider:

Ask Your Fellow Smokers

The population of e-cigarette smokers is growing larger by the minute. You might know a friend, family member or co-worker who has converted to smoking e-cigarettes. Before you go on a blind search for your provider, you will want to ask the people you know where they purchase their products. You can use those companies to start your search.

Google It

If you do not know anyone who can point you in the direction of a good e-cig vendor, then you can conduct a traditional Google search for "buy electronic cigarettes online." The most popular companies will show up first in your search results. Visit the page of at least three providers and review their product offerings, prices, accreditations, and any current promotions that they may have in place.

Read Consumer Reviews

Once you narrow your choices down to two or three providers, you will then want to read customer reviews. People who have used the products can give you the most insight on them. Consumers will provide information on the taste quality, benefits, prices, customer service, shipping time and more. If you are stuck deciding between two providers, then you can choose the provider that has the highest consumer rating.

Start With a Free Trial Offer

Even if you think you have found the perfect electronic cigarette vendor, you still want to protect your assets and start small. Many e-cigarette vendors offer free trials of their products. You might be able to grab an amazing deal in which you only pay for the shipping of a free sample of the product. You will most likely receive a disposable item that you can test for approximately three days. If you like the disposable electronic cigarette, then you can graduate to ordering a starter kit.

Starter kits contain the core electronic cigarette and e-liquid cartridge along with a charging device and other accessories. The average starter kit can last you several weeks depending on how much you smoke. Once you try electronic cigarettes, you may never want to use tobacco products again..... Keep Reading

Frugal Parent-Child Activities

Positive child rearing includes taking time with your children to conduct activities that stimulate and challenge them physically and mentally. Although that feat is becoming increasingly difficult with constantly increasing price changes, you can still take part in some smart and frugal parent-child activities. The following are several activities that will not cost you a penny:

Public Basketball

If you already own a basketball, then it will cost you nothing to take your children to shoot hoops. Basketball provides an excellent amount of cardiovascular exercise as well as hand-eye coordination practice. Local parks are likely to have free basketball courts that you can take your children to during those restless times. Schools often have basketball courts in the back that residents can use all times of the year.

Reading for Fun

Reading is the oldest parent-child activity in the book, but many parents do not know how they can make it fun. Taking your children into their room and reading with them by nightlight is a great way to grab some extra bonding time. For a more adventurous reading expedition, you can drive to the beach or a campground and read with your children during a family picnic.


Window-shopping can be tricky, but it is one of the most fascinating and healthy exercises you can do with your child. Walking around in the local mall will provide you with the perfect opportunity to exercise your legs and back. You can tell your children that you are searching for cool items to put on Santa's list for the next Christmas. Explaining the adventure in such a way will cut down on your child's desire to obtain gifts immediately.


Drawing is a favorite activity for many children. It is something that you can do with them at any time of the day or night, and it only costs you time. You do not have to buy new materials, as you can always find something around the home with which you can draw. Every home has at least a few pencils and pens. Of course, purchasing a new easel or some pastel-colored pencils is not prohibited in the least.

Free Zoos and Parks

Finally, you can take your children on an animal adventure at a local park that has various animal species. You can take
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Three Awesome Frugal First Date Ideas

A first date is an experience that allows two people to meet in person and find out more about each other. Therefore, first time daters should focus on securing private time to speak with the each other rather than intricate and expensive ventures. Nowadays, the cost of activities such as restaurant eating, movies and recreational activities is extremely expensive. Frugal daters will want to come up with unique first-date activities that are adventurous and satisfying without being heavy on the pockets. The following are three ideas for frugal first dates:

An Evening Walk on the Beach

A walk on the beach during the nighttime hours sets an extremely romantic setting without costing either party any money other than parking fees. Some beaches even have convenient nearby parking lots that do not cost a penny. The two daters can enjoy the warm night breeze and the hypnotizing allure of the moon and stars. They can get to know each other by asking questions and opening up dialogue under the sky's light. Additionally, they can take two beach chairs with them to extend their stay and their quiet time.

A Driving Expedition

Two people who are comfortable enough to sit in the same car with each other can enjoy a spontaneous driving expedition as a first date. The couple can drive around and explore new towns that they never before entered. During the drive, the couple can enjoy a wide variety of music or the calm comforts of each other's voices. Additionally, they may discover some landmarks that they can explore such as famous parks with statues, lit bridges, mountains or memorials. The only costs associated with such a drive are fuel costs and the costs of additional activities such as eating snacks or meals.

Table Tennis

Daters who have an interest in sports can enjoy a challenging game of Table Tennis at a local facility for an inexpensive price. Certain colleges and YMCA sites offer free Table Tennis activities for adults during certain times. Table Tennis is a fun game that is not too physically draining or loud. The couple can still talk with each other about their life goals and desires while challenging each other to one of the oldest and most enjoyable sports ever created.

A couple that is going on a first date will have to spend time with each other to see if sparks fly. If the two people connect, then they can have intricate and expensive dates in the future.
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Saving for College

Continuing one's education is an extremely positive and beneficial effort. However, it can be a financially stressful situation. A new student will have to support himself or herself while that person is attending classes. He or she will also have to manage his or her time in a way that allows for school attendance and wage earning efforts. With the right plan in effect, an aspiring student can save for college to make the transition easier.

Opening a Savings Account

The first step in saving for college is opening a savings account. A savings account is an account that the student will use just for putting away college money. To open a bank account, the student will need two forms of identification. He or she will also have to go through a ChexSystems verification to make sure that no poor banking history is apparent. The student should conduct research on several savings accounts before opening one. The best savings accounts offer high interest earning opportunities to account holders and minimum monthly maintenance fees. A student can earn approximately 2 percent interest on any funds that he or she places in a college savings account.

The Best Jobs for Students

After the person opens a bank account, he or she will need to fund it with savings money. The best way to earn income for college is by finding reliable and plentiful student jobs. Babysitting is a job for which a student can qualify without having prior experience or certifications. The position is versatile because parents need sitters all hours of the day and night. Therefore, a student can schedule his or her services during convenient times.

Cashier jobs and sales positions are entry-level positions many companies offer to teenagers and young adults. The income that comes from such positions can help a person to save money for college. Product stocking jobs are also available for immediate hire. Additionally, a wealth of companies are offering online jobs that students and prospective students can work from home.

Saving for college requires consistent efforts to place money in the bank and ignore it until the time comes for college. A person can achieve great things by staying focused and dedicated to saving money. A small contribution of $25 a week can turn into $1,300 in a year. A prospective student can use that figure to develop his or her tailor-made college savings plan.
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